Sparrow and Grace

On our visit to Lancaster this past weekend, Sparrow and I took my Amish friend to the run some errands. One of our stops was at the Amish food store, nestled deep into the back roads of Lancaster County. Sparrow stayed outside to take some photographs of the landscape to be included in her Amish photos for sale page while I went shopping with my Amish friend.

I like shopping at this particular store. The people are very friendly and the store is maintained in exquisite shape. Floors are clean, shelves are stocked, and there is a pretty glow from the natural lighting. I noticed that several of the women working in the store were walking around in stocking feet, their shoes neatly placed against the front wall.

I looked for my favorite meadow tea mix but there was none. I made a mental note that, should I ever find it again, buy as much as I can. It’s a powder form of the real meadow tea leaves. Now that cold weather is here, I don’t have fresh tea leaves from my garden. This is the next best thing.  At Thanksgiving, I gave away my last container of it so I was on a serious quest to find more…plus I had promised to send some home with Sparrow for Dianna.

Outside, I noticed that Sparrow was still standing on the edge of the field by the car. Her back was to me. As my Amish friend and I approached her, Sparrow turns around and is holding a kitten. The look on her face said it all. In fact, I’m quite familiar with that look. It’s the look of “uh oh…look what I found…can we keep it?”

She had rescued the kitten from getting crushed by a car. A woman, non-Amish (of course!), almost backed over the kitten with her car. Sparrow ran over to save the kitten. “Stop! There’s a kitten by your tire!”

The woman looks at Sparrow and says, “It wouldn’t do much damage to my car.”

Both my Amish friend and I gasped when we heard this story. I was embarrassed by the lack of compassion from this woman. My Amish friend remarked, “I wonder if she’d feel the same way if her baby was under that tire.”

Compassion seems in short order these days. Not among the Amish but among “us”. I see it everywhere I look. Greedy people. People who have an aura of entitlement. People who delight in putting themselves first, often at the expense of others. A kitten is expendable. Who cares if it is crushed to death?

But I ask you…What lessons is that woman teaching her children who were in the car? How does someone with absolutely no heart look in the mirror each morning? Does she feel good about wanting to destroy the love and goodness is the sweetest of things? A tiny 6 week old kitten?

Well, that horrible person is countered by good people, people like Sherri who crawled under the car to rescue the kitten, that sees the value in the innocence and beauty of a young creature that God made. The good news is that the kitten found her way into the right arms. We were jokingly going to name her Sammy Jo, being that she’s a country kitten, but my Amish friend said, “It was by the grace of God that she was saved.”  Sherri and I looked at each other and simultaneously said, “GRACE!” So, the kitten is forever known as Gracie Ann and, whenever I see that kitten, I will remember the beauty of a woman who thought enough to save it while I try to forget the horrible nature of that nasty woman who thought nothing about the possibility of crushing it!

6 thoughts on “Sparrow and Grace

  1. What a beautiful story of love for life. Whether it be human or animal life. This is such a touching story. It’s a shame that some people don’t feel the love for the little animals. Makes one wonder if they have any love for anyone or anything besides themselves. .
    The little store sounds like a great place to shop. Would love to be able to go there one day.

  2. Oh how sad. My dear neighbor just lost her cat Joe and this would make her so much sadder if she read it. God bless your friend for saving one of God’s critters. God bless all, Patti in VA

  3. I don’t know how some people can look in the mirror and like what they see.I have took in many animals and gave them my love and a home because I didn’t want them to go to the pound,I know what would happen to them there.I can’t really afford them but God supplies a way.I love them like they are my babies.I can’t stand to see an animal mistreated.Thank God for people like you and Sparrow.I hope you find your tea…Thanks for posting.Looking forward to the pictures.

  4. I’m really enjoying your blog and reading about your adventures. Yes, it’s so sad that some folks value life so little. Does it seem to you that more and more folks are searching for a simple, wholesome, back to the basics life? Blessings, Susan Fryman

  5. Sarah, something very similar just happened to me this Friday. As I was backing out of my yard, I saw this young man running toward me really fast. I was wondering what was going on, so I immediately stopped my car to see what he was running for. His beautiful white dog was just about to be hit by my car because I didn’t see him while backing out. I am so glad that I stopped. That young man was so scared that I was going to run over his dog. I am glad I stopped too, though the dog should have been on a leash. Similar situation, but different. I guess that der Herr was watching out for this doggie.

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