Snakes and Bullies

Someone emailed me today regarding being bullied…yet again…by a person who didn’t like something she had written. This was not the first time that the victim had been a target of the bully. Yet, the victim continued to forgive the bully. I wasn’t certain what to say without…getting involved. But I did share this story with her. I thought it was worthy of sharing with everything….
We have a large pond on our one property. It has beautiful flowers along the edges that grow in the spring and lilies that spread across the water all summer. I love to go outside and sit in my Adirondack chairs with a nice mug of hot coffee in the morning. As the sun rises and the earth warms, there is a rock near the pathway and, almost like clockwork, a big, fat, ugly snake (and I mean BIG) curls up to soak up the warmth.

I know it’s there. I can see it from where I sit.

When I return to my house, I avoid walking that way so that I don’t get bit.