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Shattered Mirror

shattered mirrorLet’s have an honest talk here. Just me and you. No one else needs to know that we are having this chat.

But it’s an important talk.

You see, whether or not you know it, someone in your sphere of life is an addict.

Drugs. Booze. Gaming. Sex. Money. Work. Whatever it is, addiction intrudes on our lives. It ruins relationships. It kills friendships. Destroys marriages. Tears apart families.

The worst part is that a lot of people do not admit it is happening. Some might admit it to themselves but try to hide it. And others just ignore it. After all, if you ignore it, maybe it will go away. Right?


My upcoming new release from Waterfall Press, Shattered Mirror, might be one of the most important novels that I’ve published. You see, addiction is not just about the addict but also the families, friends, community, and society. But people don’t talk about it.

And we should.

In this novel, Kelly Martin finds herself trying to save her son from the dark world of addiction. Unfortunately, she quickly realizes that she’s fighting for his life without the support of the very people who should care the most.

Sound improbable? It’s not. I lived through this story and, while my husband and parents were very supportive, I can reassure you that they were in the minority. Other family members made numerous promises to help or reach out but never did. Some didn’t want to hear about it, afraid it was contagious. And still others refused to believe that it could happen in their own homes.

Shattered Mirror is a must-read. People must realize that they are not alone from the evil horror of addiction. When their lives fall to pieces, there is hope for repurposing the shards and surviving life in the darkness of addiction.

I’ll be posting a few blogs over the upcoming weeks about addiction and this novel. In the meantime, I encourage you to preorder it and also recommend it to your friends and family. It’s one of those books that could literally save a life.

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3 thoughts on “Shattered Mirror

  1. I have preordered it both for my kindle and hard copy. I can’t wait to read it. Love all your books.

  2. This is a difficult book for me to read as I was there. Looking back there was more that I could have done but sometimes one feels there is a line between interference and help. Support is what I gave. Enough……no never. One cannot ignore addiction of any kind. It isn’t always drugs or alcohol. The addict us usually the last to know so stand ready to help……

  3. I have it preordered from Amazon but purchased a copy to donate to our church library. Quite a few middle school and high school students attend our church, and peer pressure is something that never goes away.

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