Sewing and the Bible

A time to tear apart and a time to sew together;
A time to be silent and a time to speak.
Ecclesiastes 3:7

You may not know this but Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books in the Bible. There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this book, verses that truly speak to me on many different levels.

With Carolyn’s Quilt just weeks from being released, I thought I’d share one of my favorite verses from Ecclesiastes that speaks specifically to sewing.


This particular verse is very interesting. On the one hand, the verse talks about tearing things apart and sewing them back together. You can imagine someone tearing apart cloth in order to reuse it for something else. Of course, there is a more intellectual meaning behind it and the verse is very specific. Not only do things tear apart, but there is a time for things to be torn apart.  Likewise, the same can be said for putting things back together: sewing them.

In greater context, this entire chapter is about the vanity of worldly things and the power of God. No matter how hard we might try, we cannot control everything. In fact, we cannot truly control anything. No matter how much we search for truth or try to control destiny, the fact remains that only God knows truth and only God control destiny.

To me, on a simpler level, this verse speaks about change. Sometimes change happens that is out of our control. These things happen because it is time. Time for them to happen. We cannot harness time. We cannot change time. There is a great unknown when it comes to “time”.

And yet, the example used in the Scripture is about SEWING.

I love the idea of quilting bees because the image of women sitting around a large quilting frame, working together to piece together a quilt–the colors, the conversation, the stories, the friendship–speaks volumes about their acceptance of time. Time is meant to be spent together.

Think about the second part of this verse…a time to be silent and a time to speak. The verse pairs being silent when things are torn apart while sewing is paired with speaking. Clearly that is on purpose for the very reason that when things are sewed together, it brings people together (both figuratively and literally). And when things are torn apart, that is the time to reflect on the power of God and our lack of control over anything. If we can accept that–just as Carolyn has to accept her lack of control over things that happened in her life in my book, Carolyn’s Quilt–we have a much better chance at being at peace with ourselves.

Sarah Price's Amish Romance, Carolyn's Quilt

Sewing love one stitch at a time.

Carolyn Miller was a little too quick in announcing her engagement to Adam Troyer and having a quilting bee for her marriage quilt. Now that he’s called it off, the quilt is hidden away in her hope chest. Carolyn has certainly learned the true meaning of humility. Despite trying to hide from the outside world, her family begin forcing her to leave the house and she finds unexpected friendship in the young women she previously scorned. They, too, encourage her to socialize. Unfortunately, that also means running into Adam, a constant reminder of the mistake she made when she thought he actually cared for her.

Romance is the furthest thing on her mind when Wilson Trautman shows up in her community. The old Carolyn Miller might have swooned over him, but the new, wiser Carolyn Miller has no interest in chasing after him, even if he is extremely handsome and kind. Wilson, however, seems to keep appearing whenever Carolyn needs a protector. Will she let down her guard long enough to give him a chance or has her past experience ruined any possibility of future romance in her life?




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