Saving Grace…

Last night, we had a lovely dinner at my house.  My dear housekeeper wanted to invite her pastor over so we had a full table with the pastor, his wife, their kids, my family, and my guest…the young man I mentioned in an earlier posting (who is blessing us as much as we are blessing him–more later on that).

It was amazing when my husband pointed out that we had each of the big three religions represented at the table–four if you count Anabaptist separately ;-).  Christian, Jewish, and Muslim!  What a lively conversation with each group discussing their perspective on faith, God, and Jesus.

But the discussion on faith touched me the most. The pastor was quite eloquent when he talked about faith and his wife jumped in with a great point.  She asked our guest if he had ever been to her country (in S. America).  When he said no, she said, “But you’ve seen it on a map, right? (yes, of course) You’ve talked to people who are from there, correct? (of course) Yet you’ve never personally experienced it, been there, or seen it? (no) So how do you know it exists? You have FAITH that it’s really there.”

Isn’t that the truth? Think about how many things we BELIEVE but have never experienced.  Think about what we think we know but are basing it on other people’s testaments.  Isn’t that what the Gospel is all about? We weren’t there, we don’t know, we have no proof.  But we have faith and only in faith can we truly believe.

It was an amazing evening and one that made me appreciate so much in my life.  Life is to be lived.  Please live your life to the fullest.  Experience everything that you can and know that we are not alone out there. There is someone guiding us…through the good times and the bad. How do I know?

I have faith…

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