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Saturday Smiles: Meet “Monche”

I am very excited to announce that my daughter Cat, was selected to participate in the 2015 Youth Mustang Challenge. At 12 years old, she is one of the youngest trainers selected and, from my vantage point, one of the most enthusiastic.


The Youth Mustang Challenge selects applicants who demonstrate their ability to train horses. After being approved, each participant is assigned a wild mustang yearling (18-24 months old). All participants have 90 days to train the mustang before demonstrating their progress for the Mustang Heritage Organization.


“Monche” (short for Comancheria) is a wild mustang, rescued by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the government agency that manages and protects the free-roaming mustang population.

Monche was captured on May 1, 2013, the very day that she was born and has never been handled by people.

Monche wild mustang

Up to now, she has spent all of her life in a holding pen in Nebraska with hundreds of other wild mustangs and burros that are taken from the different states so that the population of mustangs does not overgraze public land.

In less than 24 hours, Cat has managed to earn Monche’s trust. She can scratch and rub the mustang as well as groom her.

I hope you will follow her progress on Facebook at

Monche wild mustang

7 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles: Meet “Monche”

  1. Congrats to your daughter! That is wonderful! I always had dreams of having, or even seeing, a wild horse.
    I grew up the youngest of 3 daughters, on a 178 acre farm in Oregon. We had a small dairy, and always a lot of animals. I had a Shetland pony, and I rode everywhere. He was very gentle, and I used to hop up on his back, by putting my hands on his rump, and springing up that way. When I was 12-14 years old, my Dad bought a homey red roan Tennessee Walking Mare. SHE was the best! I rode her all over the farm bareback, sometimes without a bridle or even a halter. When my hubby & I married over 50 years ago, we bought a red sorrel, registered TWH mare, who was pregnant. She looked a lot like your girl, except she had a narrow white blaze down her face! She was a very gentle mare, and over the years we raised 2 colts & 2 fillies, 2 sorrel, and 2 black. We then sold the mare and kept the last 2 foals….a mare and a gelding, both black. They both lived to be over 30, and when we lost them, it was like losing a family member! I showed them both in halter classes, when they were young, and always got a red ribbon with the mare, and always a blue with the gelding. SUCH FUN! Sure do miss them!
    Tennessee walkers are such wonderful horses, they DO NOT TROT, so are a very comfortable ride, flat walk, running walk, and canter.
    Best wishes to you, Cat, and enjoy your filly. Be gentle and soft spoken with her. They are so much fun…and such loyal friends! Blessings to you all, C.J.

  2. Sarah
    Cat is one amazing girl. I can’t believe what she has already accomplished with Monche. They will be best friends by time the training is done.
    God Bless both of them.

  3. I was scared witless of horses when first exposed to a bunch of them for 9 months at about the age of your daughter.
    Thankfully, the fear seemed to have left before my daughter went through her horse phase, including a few riding lesson for her. Unfortunately, perhaps for both of us, the phase faded.

  4. Cat is doing a great job with Monche! She is apparently quite a good trainer. I am so proud of her, and I know as a mama you are ecstatic with her being one of the top trainers of wild Mustangs ! I share your price and pray for continued health of both Cat and Monche as they continue building their relationship.

  5. I am so proud of Cat and know as a mama you are ecstatic as her being named one of the top trainers of wild Mustangs at her age ! I pray for continued good health and patience on both their parts as they continue to build their relationship. Go Cat !!

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