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Sarah’s “Sunday Smiles”

Last summer, Cat was my lost sheep. She spent most of July and part of August alone…in her room for the most part. I was convalescing at my parents and everyone seemed focused on me. People nearby our house never checked on how my children were doing, her friends’ didn’t call because they were busy at camps or vacations, and it basically was one lousy summer. Macaroni and cheese helped her survive.

So last Christmas, I gave Cat and her cousin a little surprise. It was the only thing she truly wanted and was basically unobtainable…expense and availability were the enemies in acquiring them, something she knew.

Last week, after eight long months of waiting, the date arrived! I think Cat started crying the week before.

In full diva style, we arrived in a white stretch limo, something neither girl has ridden in prior to this night. Between calming them down from wrestling on the seats and floor and then waving to people out of the window, the ride was the perfect start to the evening.


I’ll spare all of the little details and jump to the juicy parts.

First, I think Cat cried for four hours straight. My editor at Waterfall noticed that her crying concert photos look exactly like her crying video photos—which impressed me that he is so observant because even eagle-eye Sarah Price missed that one!


One Direction performed most of the show about five feet from our seats. At one point, Liam Payne (one of the singers) pointed directly at Cat and blew her a kiss. Suddenly the tears stopped and her face began to turn blue. Literally, she stopped breathing. Security came over to make certain she was ok and I talked her through a full-blown hyperventilating attack. Luckily, she didn’t pass out because we would have missed the rest of the concert!!!!

For the rest of the show, Liam kept coming over as if to check on her, waving and pointing and smiling at Cat.

And then came Harry.


At this point, my sister and I both began to swoon a bit (translation: a lot). He, too, waved at Cat, especially when she screamed out “Harry Edward Styles!” and he snapped his head in her direction. He laughed a little but kept on singing.


In short, it was an amazing night…not just because of the music and the seats next to the stage. It was an amazing night because my heart swelled with such enormous love for my daughter. Seeing her happy…no…ecstatic!…filled me with joy and an inner peace that I simply cannot describe.

God has blessed me in so many ways…I continue to thank Him for the good and the bad. Remember, without the struggles, we wouldn’t appreciate the moments of amazing bliss…whether big or small. I have learned to never say “Why me, God?” because I already know His answer: I have plans for you…

I don’t question His plans, even when there is pain and heartache involved. He will never harm us…that is His promise. (Jeremiah 29:11). If we truly have faith, we know this to be true.

I do.

So,  this is my “Sunday Smile” (day late, sorry). I hope this story brings a smile to your heart the same way it did to mine.

10 thoughts on “Sarah’s “Sunday Smiles”

  1. Yes, Sarah… did bring a smile to my heart! I praise the Lord for your healing and all the goodness, favor and grace He has blessed you with and has yet to shower down on you and yours. <3

  2. Your story brought a smile to my face. Happy family memories that’s what we need. It’s been a ruff week my husband lost his job, but I’m trying to stay positive and believe things happen for a reason. It’s hard. Love all your books keep writing for all fans.

  3. Oh Sarah, that was wonderful! So happy for you and your daughter! Made my heart smile! I love your positive attitude ,along with your faith in God! He is truly our “everything”

  4. I am so happy for Cat and Katie G. They are both fantastic young ladies and so blessed to have you in their lives. You are a true inspiration to all of us. Continued Pryers for your health and for all your family. Asking God’s Blessings and Mercies upon whatever lies ahead for you and your family. Love and Hugs for you and them.

  5. I am so happy for both of you. I was able to give a gift to my oldest son when he was in his twenties. I was shocked when he broke down and cried. It is the best to give a gift that is so wanted. Hasn’t happened since and he is in his 40’s now. Indeed you are a special mom!

  6. A beautiful story! And what a loving special mother you are! God Bless you and many prayers for your healing only if this is Gods will!

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