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Sarah’s Sunday Huddle with Lisa Bull

Life is full of doors.

There are tight doors that we can barely squeeze through. Some doorways don’t have an actual door and we can just breeze in and out as we like. Think of the doors that are so pretty that we like to admire them and take our time before entering. Other doors are so ugly and worn that we hate to see what’s on the other side. Many doors have warning signs to only open “in case of emergency”. There are doors that push open easily and doors that we struggle to move. What about the doors that we can’t budge or the ones that slam shut behind us? So are the doorways, or choices, of our lives.

Making decisions and knowing what direction to take in life can be…interesting.
Sometimes we make a decision at the very last minute and barely make it to the place we need to be. Other times the path we’re supposed to take is so clear we hardly have to consider it and just KNOW which way to go.

There are times when the realization of the turn our lives have taken is so exciting and exhilarating, we want to just stand and enjoy it before we delve into our new adventure. And, then it may be that we know the decision we are to make, but we hesitate because we know it’s going to be unpleasant.

What about the times we want to do something so badly, but our instincts, our “guts”, are telling us to beware? Do we do it anyway?

Sometimes what we hope and wish for simply opens up for us and other times we have really work to make the dream come true.

And, at times, no matter how much we desire something, it may just never happen for us. Or, perhaps we begin a new journey thinking we can always go back, but the past is shut out forever.

I’ve often told my boys not to be in a rush to grow up. One of the most difficult parts of being an adult is having to make choices and decisions and then deal with the outcome of those choices, whether they be positive or negative.

This is where prayer comes in. My husband and I pray over every decision. There have been some things we have really desired and prayed over the matter. But, over the years we’ve learned to pray something like this: “Lord, we really want _______. We pray that you will give us favor. Lord, our desire is that you make ___________ possible for us. However, we know that You know all things. You know what is best for us and you know what direction our lives should go. So, we pray that you will open doors where they should be opened and close the doors that we should not enter….”

There is a peace that comes over us by allowing God to be our director. His door is always the right door.

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