Saturday Smiles

Sarah’s Saturday Smiles

I love good news. Good news makes us feel happy and changes how we connect with the world around us. Unfortunately, we hear less and less of the good news. Maybe that’s why many of us feel that the world is losing sight of God and evil is taking over.
I want to change that! Each week, I’m going to search for good news, news that makes me feel happy. Feel free to email me YOUR good news ( with subject GOOD NEWS).

Sometimes we feel as if the world is crashing around us. But, if we take a moment and look at the people who are happy and living life with smiles, you might be surprised to see how they are dealing with challenges that make ours seem very small in comparison.
Today’s challenge, sing like little Grace. Be positive and dwell on the good, not the bad. Life is wonderful. But only if YOU choose to let it be.

This week, I found the following clip of news that made me smile and feel good. I hope it works for you, too.

Toddler With Special Needs Sings ‘You Are My Sunshine,’ Makes Us Happy When Skies Are Gray


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