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A lot of times, I mention different products during my Morning Coffee Live Stream. People ask me about some of them sooooooo…since it is holiday time, I thought I’d compile this little list with my reviews! 😀

Journaling Bible

Journaling bible

I’m a writer. When I read, I write. I have to underline, highlight, make comments, even date things. Maybe I’m OCD, but I cannot read a hardcover book without a highlighter in my hand.

This is the journaling Bible that I use. I thought the cover was cool with the leather straps and it was on sale when I bought it. There are less expensive ones if you scroll down to the bottom of this page: It’s ESV which is new for me, too. A little different from KJV and NIV. But I’m very happy with it!



These are the two I have (I think)…one large one for my back and a smaller one for my neck.

Anyway, several people asked me about this pillow after I mentioned in during my Morning Coffee Live Stream. I was fortunate that the company gave me two of the Xen pillows (they HAND DELIVERED THEM! Wow).

Well, I love love love them. I use the larger one for my back when I’m writing and the smaller one for my neck when I’m sleeping. My neck always hurts with a regular pillow, probably from falling off horses all the time (ha ha). Anyway, this is a great holiday gift for someone who is a poor sleeper or has back/neck pain. They have a sale going on right now, too, and pretty colors (navy blue…#like). Here’s the website –>

Hale Kai Lana Coffee

Hale Kai Lana Coffee

I talked about this coffee on my daily Morning Coffee. It’s exceptional coffee, rich and flavorful. I mean let’s face it: Hawaiian coffee rocks (and it’s a US product which I am focusing more on buying American for 2016).

Just the smell is worth it. I wish we had Smell-ternet so I could send in via my blog.

It’s a little more expensive than other coffee (but way less expensive that most Hawaiian coffee). I found them on with Prime so if you have Prime, you don’t have to pay for shipping. Otherwise, you can gift some a coffee clubs or one shot gift baskets on their website –>

BTW, these are the people whose house floated away after the 2011 tsunami. That, right there, makes me a fan. How awful! I didn’t even know about this…I was too focused on Japan!

Floating house

Holistic Home Essential Oil Diffuser

Holistic Home Essential Oil Diffuser

In my house, I have about seven different types of diffusers and those meltie things. I love walking into a room that smells pretty. The problem is that I hate all of my diffusers and I’m not loving the melties.

Anyway, I got my hands on this Holistic Home diffuser and…it’s so cool. First of all, it doesn’t make a mess when I fill it with water and it has little marks on the side so I know how long the water will mist. THANK YOU Holistic Home people! Every other one I have it’s a guessing game and I usually put in too much and then it doesn’t work. Grrrrr!

And then, this one has really cool lights that change. It’s neat and puts me in a good mood and, frankly, keeps me calm–because I can be a little on the energetic side at times. Something about pretty lights that morph into other colors…But at night I don’t do the lights so that Marc doesn’t complain. Ha ha.

My favorite scents are lavender and peppermint. But you have to be careful buying oils. I use Essential Oils but I might switch to Kis Oils (also on Amazon). I need to get Eucalyptus and I see they have a neat gift pack on Amazon.

I found it on ( and it’s 50% discounted right now and again, Prime so you don’t have to pay for shipping.

The Cuisinart Dispenser Coffee Machine

Sarah Price

It’s on sale right now on so if you are looking for a new machine, RUN! Free shipping with Prime. For the first time in my life, I have made good coffee in a machine. It’s also small and doesn’t take up a lot of counter space which is another thing I like. Even my son, Alex, likes this machine and he knows how to make coffee with it. Now, if I can recruit Marc to stop relying on the Keurig…

Oh, one more thing. It’s really easy to program. I couldn’t get the one I borrowed from my parents to do much more than spit out 8 ounces of mud and forget about the programming. THAT’S going back to their house ASAP. 😀

Buy the Cuisinart Dispenser Coffee Machine here –> (–Programmable-Coffeemaker/dp/B005IR4W7W)

Last but not least…

Kindle Paperwhite

I have to recommend the Paperwhite. I had a Fire HD which I accidentally left at LAX airport (and wept the entire flight home). My publisher felt bad for me and sent me the Paperwhite. I.LOVE.IT. Let’s face it…I read. The Paperwhite Kindle lets me read wherever I want…indoors AND outdoors. The charge is to die for…I think I charge mine once a month! And it’s small enough to fit in my person. Perfect Gift! While we are at it, Amazon Prime…(TRIPLE THUMBS UP). They lose their money on me. The UPS driver probably stops here once a day…and leave doggie treats so that my herd likes him (they don’t). Sometimes he just drops and run! ha ha ha

And of course,I cannot go without recommending some short, heartwarming tales by a very special author (GRIN FACE). Whether in paperback or eBook, these books are the perfect gift for yourself or someone special to you. Merry Christmas!!

Oh BTW, these are products I use and love. No one paid me to promote them and all that blah blah blah legal stuff. 😉

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7 thoughts on “Sarah’s Gift Suggestions

  1. Neat blog. I’d like to try a defusser and small Zynn( sp? ) pillow. I have a lot of neck problems, too, & have to have a cervical block annually. In time, if I can’t bear it I’ll have surgery. Tuck…Don’t want that. I’ve finished my shopping. Hurray!! We love Amizon Prime too, & use it quite frequently. Love, hugs & bye, Sweet Sarah!

  2. All very nice suggestions for Christmas gifts and for birthdays as well. Holistic Home Essential Oil Diffuser and the Kindle Paperwhite both sound wonderful Glad you are enjoying all these very neat things. Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New year. Hugs & <3

  3. I LOVE my essential oils. Have you tried doTerra essential oils? They are by far my favorite oils. I diffuse lemongrass and eucalyptus at night with just a drop of lavender to help me sleep!

  4. Sarah, neat list. Have you tried the Doterra brand of essential oils? The are simply amazing…very potent and third party tested to be sure they are a pure oil and not diluted with another oil. If you’d like more information let me know. 🙂

  5. I got my granddaughter a locket for Christmas with a photo of both Grammas. She lives in China so that way she can carry us with her.

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