Return of the Live Stream!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I used to do daily live-streams on my author page (  Around Easter, I stopped. There was a reason for that and it had to do with Facebook itself.

You see, Facebook changed their algorithm for how people who follow my page get to see my page. You’d think that it would show up in newsfeed automatically but not anymore. I’m not 100% certain but it appears that it only shows up if you, the viewer, select SHOW THIS FIRST…unless I pay for advertising.

Anyway, I was increasingly disheartened by the diminishing viewers–to no fault of the viewers but because it felt as if the videos were being held hostage unless I paid advertising dollars so that it would show up in people’s newsfeed. I did some research and found a very valid reason for the downturn in my content showing up in people’s newsfeed: There’s simply too much content being published on Facebook, making visibility in the News Feed increasingly competitive. And a lot of those people are posting advertising posts (i.e. BUY MY BOOK! TRY MY PRODUCT! DOWNLOAD MY SONG! etc.) which isn’t what Facebook is about. So for pages with large followings, approximately 2% of the people who LIKE that page might actually see my content.

TWO PERCENT! That’s not very much. Eventually, one article I read said that pages might find 0% of people who like my page will see my content.

Believe me, I love Facebook. It totally embraces social activity among people. I love the way people can connect with each other. That’s what it is about: CONNECTIONS. I totally understand why Facebook is doing this–they have to make money somehow in order to provide their great services.  Unfortunately, with the downturn of book sales (due to the increase in .99 cent novels flooding the marketplace), I’m just not in a position to boost every post, especially my inspirational live stream videos. I created a private group for my super loyal readers because groups show up in newsfeed. However, for some weird reason, I cannot access my groups via my iPhone so it’s been hard for me to stay in touch with everyone there.

Anyway, with all of that explained, here is the good news.  I’ve realized how much I miss those daily live-streams so I’ve decided to start doing them again. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to “boost” video posts so if you want to see those videos in your newsfeed, you will have to not just LIKE the page but FOLLOW the page and select SEE FIRST:

Sarah Price, Author of Amish Fiction

Even then, you might have to proactively seek it out.  I’m terribly sorry about that. However, the more you LIKE and COMMENT on the videos, the more likely Facebook will show my posts in your newsfeed.


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