Rejoice before God

But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.
Psalm 68:3

Did you ever have one of those days? Just a really good day?

amish farm2

Today was one of those days.

Actually, believe it or not, this was a great week. Despite my concern for those in the path of Hurricane Isaac as well as several dear friends who are struggling through some tough times with family (the two-legged kind as well as four-legged), I had a  week full of writing, lunches out with dear friends, laughter with my children (oh yes, a lot of that!), and peaceful moments on my back deck, watching the birds feed from the many feeders I have hanging in my gardens. My butterfly bushes are in full bloom and every so often I get a rare visit from a hummingbird. I have been so happy relaxing with my meadow tea on the deck or the patio in the cool evenings. It’s just been a wonderful good week.

This weekend, my husband is treating me to a fancy dinner to celebrate. Last week in NYC, I bought a new dress and pretty shoes. When he saw the ensemble, he declared that we would go out for a special occasion. Maybe some of you are wondering what the occasion is. The special occasion is that there is no occasion. We just want to celebrate life, health, and happiness. We want to rejoice before God that we have food on our table, friends in our heart and love surrounding us.

Maybe that’s what I’ve learned from the Amish and Mennonites. The simple things in life make us happy. Avoid the silly pettiness that seems to drag too many astray from the Lord, the same folk who are too often willing to drag others down. My dear Amish friend Anna is an expert at this. She loves to sing hymns and, whenever one of the children begin to have temper tantrums, she will sing rather than get dragged into the childish dispute. She’s a wonderful parent and I’ve learned so very much from her (although I seem to still get exposed to temper tantrums from time to time). Anna will not get dragged down. Instead, she takes that moment to rejoice in the Lord. And she is such a happy, lovely lady.

So let us remember that it is the simple things that are good. As the verse above says, it is the righteous that will be glad and rejoice. True Christians we are, indeed, if we can be glad and rejoice.

My wish for all of you is that you can enjoy a few moments this weekend.  Enjoy a sunset. Take a walk with your loved one. Watch the birds fly and listen to them sing. If you listen hard enough, you’ll hear that they, too, rejoice before God.



One thought on “Rejoice before God

  1. I love watching for the beautiful sunsets. There is nothing like them and to know that God has painted them with His own hands is so wonderful. I also can watch the birds through a wonderful big picture window I have in my dining room. And once in a great while we have even seen a humming bird and some beautiful finches. It’s very relaxing to sit and watch them. You have a wonderful time on your special day to celebrate God,life, love and family. There is nothing better than that.
    Anna sounds like a very special Lady that I would love to meet. I needed to be more like that when I had small children who’d have temper tantrums occasionally. I finally did learn to just ignore them and then they would finally stop. Have wonderful grown Children, Grandchildren & Great Grand Children. Life is good and God has blessed me and I am grateful to Him for all that we have and have had.

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