Why Worry?

Many of you know that my life has radically changed in the past few years. Just this morning, Cat commented that my “old” life consisted of a 9-5 job (it was more like 8-8 job) and one dog, one cat, and a turtle.

Today, we live in thirty acres in what can only be considered true country life with SIXTY animals to care for! I spent my morning trying to find a used manure spreader!

Kinda funny when you think I used to commute into Manhattan to teach students in a high rise wearing skirts and heels!

Despite being a simpler life, it has brought its own set of problems. Number one is money.

I don’t like owing money to anyone. And with farm/ranch life, I worry about paying bills. Horses kick fences down…daily. Horses get sick…expensive. Goats eat all the hay when they escape. Pigs eat all the grain if you forget to shut the door to the grain room. The list goes on and on.

Today I opened my devotional and the topic was about worrying. “Refuse to worry!” it started.

Why Worry

Those three words hit me. Is it possible that, by worrying, I was showing a lack of faith? If I truly believe God wants me here, caring for these abandoned animals, then I have to believe God will take care of ME.

So if I can’t pay a bill in full, I need to turn it over to God. After all, money is very earthly and, in my opinion, the root of all evil. I’ll always pay my debts, but it might be in God’s time, not mine.

There is something rewarding and humbling about not having quite enough money. It grounds a person in a way that monetary excess cannot. Do people really need fancy clothes or fancy cars? It might be nice to have but is it to impress other people or to make yourself feel better about yourself?

In either case, that’s vanity and vanity is a sin. The root of that sin? Worry!

So you can see how clever this “Refuse to worry” directive truly is!

Try it with me. Let’s throw our worries to God and know that His presence in our hearts and lives will handle it.

Speaking of worry, Shattered Mirror is a great book about a mother dealing with constant worry in the fight to save her family from the impact of drug addiction. She faces her own worries while learning that other people are not always so supportive when it comes to helping her. They, too, worry that facing her families battle might make them have to face their own demons. It’s a very real look into how a mother has to fight for her son’s life. Click HERE to buy Shattered Mirror for $0.99.

Shattered Mirror by Sarah PriceA powerful novel of addiction, hope, and renewal from Sarah Price, the bestselling author of Heavenly Blues.

In any upscale suburban town, silence and shame blanket the hard truths. But college professor Kelly Martin can no longer deny the reality she lives every day: substance abuse is tearing her family apart. First, her ex-husband’s drinking destroyed their marriage. Now their seventeen-year-old son, Zach, is caught in the grip of drug addiction, fueled by a known drug dealer walking the halls of his high school. Kelly has two choices: watch helplessly and simply try to bear it or fight to save her son, who’s at the edge of suicidal depression.

When she encounters shocking disinterest, even hostility, from her ex-husband, her sister, her mother, and her former social circle, Kelly quickly realizes that she’s alone on this painful and frightening journey. But the race to rescue her child becomes an awakening for Kelly as she comes to understand the keys to her own heart and happiness.

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