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Recipe for A Perfect Amish Day

Recipe for A Perfect Amish Day: Mix Baking with Friendship As Told to Sarah Price by Edna Esh


There is nothing I like more than to get together with my three childhood friends every other Friday morning to bake cookies. Even though they live closer to each other than I do, they make the trek to our farm, mostly because I have the larger kitchen—I do serve the noon day meal to those Englische tourists, you know, so my kitchen is set up to handle larger numbers of people. We started meeting when Wilma Schwartz went through a blue spell. Of course, if you ask her, she’ll deny it some, but it’s the truth—I’d no sooner lie than speak the good Lord’s name in vain! But after she felt better, we all decided to keep meeting. Baking cookies on Fridays meant that we could bring them to our respective worship services every other Sunday. The little ones certainly like those cookies, that’s for sure and certain.

The perfect day for me is spending time with my friends in the kitchen. While the cookies are baking, we sit and crochet (or, in Wilma and Verna’s case, knit) while catching up on what’s happening in the community. With all of our families being so large, there’s always something interesting going on. Why, just last Friday, Wilma told me about how her cousin’s granddaughter was visiting family in Leola, Pennsylvania and met that Amanda Diaz—you know, the Amish woman who married that Englische singer a while back? Everyone’s heard about her. Seems Amanda’s dochder, Isabella, is considering joining the Amish church! The bishop wasn’t very pleased, he’s afraid that those terrible photographers will clog the roads again to steal pictures again.

And Verna shared a story about how her sister-in-law, Wilma Anderson, is taking Ruth Miller’s dochder, Catherine, on vacation at Moreland Lake, you know…that lake community near Newbury Acres? How fortunate for young Catherine. She’s always walking around with her nose in a book. It’s about time that she experience the world some. Mayhaps she’ll find a special friend this summer.

Speaking of special friends, last Friday, it dawned on me that it’s high time that my boys find their own special friends. John, my eldest son, is just the most good-hearted man. It worries me that he’s not even courting. Verna and Wilma confided the same about their dochders, but Verna’s Myrna as well as Wilma’s twin girls are so opinionated and spirited. I don’t know if they’ll ever find a special friend, at least not in their church districts. The young men have all heard how difficult they can be, believe you me! Of the three young women, I reckon Myrna might be the easiest one to tame a bit. It’s a big task and I don’t envy Verna having to do it. Or, at least, figuring out how to approach such a challenge. Truth be told, my two younger sons are a bit high spirited, too. But it seems that the feisty young men settle down easier than the young women.

Anyway, those Friday mornings spent baking and visiting with my friends are my favorite days, for sure and certain. I just wish the community wouldn’t call us the Amish Cookie Club. They make it sound like we think highly of ourselves…but we don’t. We’re just friends getting together. Mayhaps one day you could join us, too?

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