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Do you or have you ever had two books being written at the same time? How weird or not is it? How do you refocus your train of thought when you switch from book to book? I have another book beginning to want to come out and it is so very different that the one I am on. I thought I’d ask you.


This is a great question from Rita K. She posted it on my Facebook Fan Page ( I thought I would answer it here for everyone to see the answer.

Currently, I am writing two books at the same time and yes, it is hard to switch back and forth between the two stories. What’s worse, my mind is already working on the sequel to one of the novels. However, if I waited to write the one story until the other was finished, I’d be so distracted that I’d probably get neither book finished.

I find that it helps to really sit down and focus on the work that I’m writing at the moment. I might spend a few days on the first book before I pick up the second book. I also take lots of notes and do a lot of re-reading. It is frustrating, however, because there are so many ideas and storylines floating in my head that I wish I could just pour the words onto the paper (laptop). It just doesn’t work that way. After the story is told, the hard work begins…revising, editing, reviewing, rewriting…It can take weeks to write just one chapter and months to write a novel. In some cases, I’ve worked years on a book.

Just the other day, I spent six hours writing and only produced 2000 words. I was completely disheartened. After all, I type 90 words a minute! Technically, I could have written half of a full-length novel during that time. Of course, that’s not realistic but 8 pages vs. 130? I really wanted to cry…that’s how disappointed I was in the results of a long day of hard work. Another author gave me some words of encouragement: “Maybe it was only 8 pages but I bet they are good pages!” (Thanks Linda Rondeau!)

Writing is a true craft. Some days, the words flow fast and furious. Other days, well…they just don’t.  It’s a lot of hard work writing books. A person needs to have the passion for the written language as well as the story. What’s more, they need to be willing to work an extra 3-4 hours each day to research, refine, and (finally) market the book.

The good news is that most writers don’t think twice about the hard work required to produce a book for our readers. It’s just something we do…and happily do it at that!

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  1. While I was writing the novel I have just finished, I started another story. It was sometimes difficult to move between them but it meant that if I got stuck with one of them then I could work on the other.

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