Rainy Days

I’m sitting outside, waiting for the sun to rise and listing to coyotes “bark” in the distance. Our rooster us starting to crow—he’s up early, too. Rain is dripping from the leaves overhead and everything is a bluish black color.

It suits my mood.

Weve has a string of rainy days…no, weeks. And I don’t mean weather.

Besides the fact that we started our not-for-profit mustang rescue and retraining center, we’ve been hit with sick horses—Bella, Essie, Mustang Charlie (client’s horse), Rosie, Izzy, Tilly, and Digby. Each horse had something unusual happen, especially for the new arrivals —mastitis, colic, stomach upset, etc. Nothing WE did, just a string of bad luck.

And then my little dog Tobi was nearly killed.

Through it all, we’ve worked and struggled to care for these animals and (thank you God and great but expensive vet care) with 100% success.  That says A LOT about my daughter who got up multiple times each night to administer medicine and change bandages and check on horses.

It has been a lot of rainy days for us. And yet there are glimmers of sunshine. Cat has rehomed four mustangs to amazing people. She’s continued her training AND her learning. She has worked with multiple clients’ horses, helping to work out little and sometimes big problems so that owner and horse could reconnect. I’m proud of all she has done as she continues her mission of educating people about the magnificent American Mustang.

And I continue to write so that I can fund this initiative. And yet the book industry has changed. I find that disheartening. After ten months of working on Mending Fences, I’ve noticed fewer preorders and way fewer sales.

I suspect it’s because I priced it at $3.99 and not .99 cents.  That makes me sad—that my work is not valuable enough to be worth four dollars.

When I self-publish, I have to pay for editors and cover designers. I also have to pay for electricity and food and water. If I publish a book for $2.99 or less, the publisher (Amazon) keeps 70%.  I’d have to sell 2000 copies to break even on the editors and cover designers—never mind the cost of basic survival during the ten months I wrote the book. Over $2.99, the percentages flip. Yay for that!

But people are less likely to buy higher priced eBooks. So it’s becoming a losing financial proposition for authors.

What happens?

Authors have two choices. They can either short change their readers and pump out poorly written and poorly edited books with bad story lines—what many readers see with the bombardment of “fake” authors who churn out dozens of “books”, flooding the market and diluting the pool for a quick buck or starve.

I cannot starve and I cannot lower my standards. I’m faced with deciding whether writing is worth it. The amount of time I spend writing a book is worth more than thirty cents in my pocket which doesn’t cover my expenses.

When authors publish via traditional publishers, we get into bookstores but earn even less money per book and get paid twice a year. Can you imagine having a paycheck arrive twice a year? Even worse, you have no idea how much it will be! Often it’s for a lot less than you’d imagine.

Is the end near?

It’s up to you, dear readers. You can help by recognizing the value for good books and spreading the word. Not just for me but for all the quality authors out there. I know I am not the only one who is struggling. Many great authors still work full-time jobs because of this very reason while the “authors” who don’t care about the Amish or writing—just the quick buck—ruin it for the authors who value a great story with great writing about a culture and religion we love.

It is up to you. Which would you prefer?

The sun is finally up. Time to start my day. Hopefully it’s bright and sunny and the rain disappears a little today…

rainy day

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8 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. I love your books. My husband had his own business for 50 years and I know what it’s like to struggle. With Gods help everything will work out. Please don’t give up your writing, your books are terrific.

  2. Dear Sarah. I Gladly pay 3.99 or whatever because I know I’m getting a Great book by a Great author. Reading Mending Fenses right now and loosing out on my sleep AGAIN. Love U Lady and yours are the only books that I have bought lately and I’d Gladly boy them in paperback also.

  3. As always, beautiful writing. And two great messages – of all those animals blessed to be in your and Cat’s healing care, and such important words re publishing. Like with music and photography, we haven’t worked out how to make this new economy work yet!

  4. I don’t even look at the price. I just buy it because I trust you, as the author, to provide a few hours of respite from our busy lives. If your name is on the book , I buy it.

  5. The sun always comes out…..we may not know when, but it does follow rain and darker days. I am so sorry you had such a run of difficult times. It is my sincere wish and hope that the sun shines again in your world. Never doubt how strong you are…..after all, YOU are my beloved daughter. As ever, MOM

  6. I had no idea that the profit margin was so thin, in the ebooks. As a voracious reader, I have a hard time paying the same price as a hard book because there are not the costs to produce that would make the hard book cost more. But, now I know a bit more of the process and can better appreciate the effort put forth, not just the book that’s held!! I look forward to each book you write and publish and think I have read each and everyone!!

  7. Sarah Price you are one of a few authors that I consider outstanding, I have just about every one of your books on my kindle. I loved the Plain Fame Series, I started reading your novels in 2012 and have watched your number of published books grow since then. I do have to ask your forgiveness for my lack of going back and leaving positive reviews. But know I LOVE all you books, I am a devoted fan!!! God’s Blessings!!!

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