Rain and Buggies

I’m in Lancaster County tonight with my niece. She accompanied me on the short journey in order to spend the weekend with me as we explore the area. Our trip will be quick but busy as I need to run several errands on Saturday to pick up leather goods (stirrup leathers, a saddle, a bridle) that are being repaired at different locations. We will also be meeting with Wilmer S. who has a horse farm nearby. My husband asked me to find someone willing to board some horses for a few months out of the year. 

Unfortunately, as soon as we got here, the rain began to fall. I’m sure that Amish farmers look at it as a blessing and, truth be told, it did cool down the hot, muggy air. But rain makes for treacherous roads and really gloomy photos. Watching the horses and buggies was interesting and I felt sorry for the magnificent animals as they ran down the roads, the rain pelting their faces. 

When we were returning home after having dinner out, we saw something that really made me wish I carried umbrellas in my car. As we went to turn up 722, an open topped buggy with a second seat was at the traffic light. There was a man, woman, child, and baby in the buggy. The woman carried the baby in her arms, despite the fact that there was a baby seat in the back of the buggy. They were drenched. Yet, no one looked miserable or uncomfortable. It was just part of God’s plan. They had got caught in the rain, maybe returning from visiting grandparents or siblings. Nothing to complain about. No reason to be angry or stressed. 

It made me think about how we react when caught in such circumstances. I know that I tend to get very anxious and irritated when personally faced with challenging situations. Fortunately, I have a strong husband who helps to take charge and see me through stressful days. However, when a situation involves other people and not me directly, I tend to be more like my husband. We have a good balance between us. 

I certainly hope that the Amish family we saw tonight made it home safely and got out of their wet clothes, poured a nice cup of hot tea, and had time to relax in the warmth of their home. I learned a valuable lesson from them today. Maybe that was part of God’s plan, too. 

3 thoughts on “Rain and Buggies

  1. I my self tend to get anxious and irritated easy , then I have to think and stop my self . I spilled a piece of cheese & bowl of grapes I was snacking on today , I got upset & our dog sitting on a rocker near me gave me a look . I said ooops sorry about that . She put her head down & went back to sleep . I wish I was more relaxed when things happen . Don’t stay upset long but that quick thought reminds me I should just stay cool no matter what .
    Thanks for the food for thought .

  2. Rain rain rain… wet socks, wet shoes, wet corduroy, even inside of rain coat wet on seems, hair wet… come home ..make dinner and change into WARM flannel, hot water and warm soup. Sleepy. A good day. (there is a reason western washington is so green ya know?). I find…what do we accomplish by stressing over an issue? Does it help resolve it? What is Trust in God about? I “worried” last year over this thought. And for a few months was able to push my worry away. Yet..I have decided that Worry is my charism, my gift from God..t’would be a sin not to use it at least to some regularity! grin. Love your thought provoking post.

  3. Interesting take on this Sarah. It is really how we react when were faced with challenges and believing that it was all of God’s plan helps face things rather then become anxious over them. I sometimes become anxious over things and like you my husband can help me though it and see things in a different way. Thank you for sharing this experience with us I think we can all learn from this. I do hope you have a wonderful time this weekend.


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