Proverbs 3:17

Bible Verse of the Day:
Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.
Proverbs 3:17

I have to admit that 2014 has not exactly started out the way that I’d have hoped…especially after 2013. Oh, don’t get me wrong…January 1st was fantastic! Not one thing went wrong on that day. But since then…

Most of you know that I am battling breast cancer ( and every type of complication that can be considered in the recovery process. I have tried to maintain a positive attitude and, for the most part, have done so.

But this “recovery” is starting to infiltrate other areas of my life: my children are suffering in silence (but trying to put on a brave face for me), my parents are worried constantly (from the warmth of Florida, mind you), my sister is helping me as much as she can (which adds extra burdens to her, I’m sure, although she has never once complained), my husband is putting on a brave face (but I know that he is worried sick). And then you have other complications…the “little things” like worrying about your employers’ “patience and understanding,” not being able to finish your PhD research, finding intellectual boredom by being isolated due to recurring infections, not being able to travel to Pennsylvania to visit my Amish friends, etc.

I know, I know…the little stuff. But it builds up and that causes stress…

Yesterday, when reading the Bible, I came across this verse and have been reflecting on how I can maintain a degree of “pleasantness” in my life. After all, it will help my blood pressure and calm those around me. With that calmness, there will be peace.

God has a way of reaching out to us. That verse and that reflection came in awful handy just last night and this morning. I was faced with a situation involving my son and, later in the evening, I received a text from one of my friend’s. Without getting into detail, her son had told her something that was completely not true.

My initial reaction was to get angry. Instead, I thought about that Bible verse and said a little prayer to find the right words. The goal was not to get angry, but to maintain peace…for my sanity and mental/physical health as well as for not upsetting my friend.

This morning, when I took my son to the bus (it was four degrees outside! brrrr), I wanted to let him know what had happened, but I didn’t want to upset him. Again, I reflected on Proverbs 3:17 and God led me to the words to talk with him and maintain a pleasant dialogue that avoided tempers flaring or emotions running high.

It’s not easy and it requires a lot of control to have “way of pleasantness.” Yet, in just 24 hours, I can see the difference in how I speak and address situations by keeping this verse at the forefront of my mind. The result IS a peace that I have not felt for a while.

I challenge you to reflect on the same verse and pay particular attention to how you are dealing with strife in your life. Does this help? Do you see a difference? Comment and let me know. I’m curious…