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Preorder An Amish Cookie Club Christmas!

An Amish Cookie Club Christmas by Sarah PriceSummer is officially over and, like Walmart and Target, I will by-pass Halloween and Thanksgiving…going straight to Christmas. 🙂

That’s right. Christmas. It’s time to get into the Christmas mood. Isn’t that fun when, no sooner have you cleaned your grill from your Labor Day BBQ, you see holiday décor in the stores? Given the social environment today, I think we are all anticipating the holiday season extra early this year.

Me, especially. I’m super excited that An Amish Cookie Club Christmas is releasing on September 24th. You see, having written this book last year, I’ve been in a Christmas spirit ever since. And I’m hoping that you’ve preordered the book and, come September 24th, you’ll be eagerly getting in the mood, too, with Edna Esh and her friends as they bake away for the holiday season.

Like the Amish, I’m not a big decoration fan. I don’t go overboard with a bazillion lights and hundreds of do-dads around the house. But I do like a pretty Christmas wreath and a small tree. Last year, we decorated Coco the Cockatoo’s java tree instead of buying a pine tree (save the earth). It was actually really beautiful and Coco loved popping the little lights we strung on it.

The Amish celebrate Christmas twice: Christmas Day and Old Christmas on January 6th. Did you know that? They don’t go overboard with gifts. In fact, most of the families I know do not do gifts at all. They might bake special treats for neighbors or get something small for children. My one friend used to crochet little bookmarks for the school children while her neighbor would give the students a new pencil.

I love that. Small. Meaningful. Practical. It’s the way it should be. For Christmas, they focus on gathering together, celebrating the birth of Jesus, and reflecting on the sacrifice he made for all of us.

In An Amish Cookie Club Christmas, Edna Esh is ready for the holiday season. She’s taken on too much with her catering to the Englische business. She’s ready for her season to end so that she can enjoy the holidays and relax during the winter months. But, just as she’s about to close her kitchen for visitors for the season, she decides to invite her friends’ families together for the first time to celebrate Christmas. Unbeknownst to her, it’s a Christmas celebration she could not anticipate—and it’s not just because of the yummy cookies that the Cookie Club makes for the fellowship gathering.

Don’t you love surprises?

Here’s where you can preorder An Amish Cookie Club Christmas:


Barnes and Noble


Indie Bound


P.S. If you haven’t read An Amish Cookie Club, the first book in the series, you can still buy it online by clicking HERE.

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