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Plain Christmas

plain-christmasIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. In Miami, Florida, anyway.

Eight years after they were married, that’s where Amanda and Alejandro live. And their lives have changed from that first day they met on the street corner in Manhattan when Amanda stepped off the curb and was struck by Alejandro’s limo.

So what does Christmas look like for our love-struck couple?

In Miami, it is full of paparazzi, parties, and people. But something is tugging at Amanda’s heart. She watches as her older daughter, Isabella, is becoming engrossed with the family’s celebrity status and how her other two children are quickly following in Isabella’s footsteps.

What Amanda longs for is to show her children how she celebrated Christmas when she was growing up on her parents’ farm.

The Amish do not celebrate Christmas in the same manner that we do. It’s simpler and the emphasis is on the birth of Jesus, not on Santa Claus and gifts and parties. Decorations are kept to a minimum…perhaps a few candles are set out and often there is a long string hung from one corner of the room to another for hanging Christmas cards.

Christmas is not spent in church. The worship service is usually the week before or after. But Christmas Day is always spent with family who gather to share big meals and to sing. Small gifts might be exchanged, but they are usually homemade and/or practical items.

Yes, Amanda longs for a simple Christmas. But with Alejandro’s crazy schedule, how can she arrange for her family to sneak away to spend time in Lancaster County? And, if she can get them to travel north, away from the palm trees and sunshine of Miami, how will the children adapt to giving up the commercialism of Christmas in exchange for gaining the true meaning of the holiday?

Plain Christmas releases on Tuesday, October 18th. I hope you pick up your copy to find out if Amanda can persuade Alejandro that a plain Christmas is exactly what the Diaz family needs this year.

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2 thoughts on “Plain Christmas

  1. Will there be book 7 in the plain series? If so, do you have an approximate release date. This Plain series are my best books ever. I think in book 7, it will be great to read about the Diaz and Beiler families. For example, anymore children, is the house complete, and how are the children adjusting to their new live. Please advise.

    Thank you,

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