Plain Again…Home Stretch

I have good news! We are in the home stretch, my friends. Despite four surgeries, chemotherapy, and now an unexpected return to the hospital, we are almost ready to release Plain Again! Pre-readers are reviewing the content and, once they are finished and any recommendations considered/changed, the editing team will tackle it. Sooooo…that means we are about two weeks away (give or take a day, please).

I apologize so much for the delay. It truly was out of my hands. The good news is that you will have a big, meaty finale to the Plain Fame trilogy! It’s longer than the other books and will most likely be $3.99. I will see if I can arrange a discounted launch price for my eager, loyal reader-friends. So, be certain to LIKE my page on Facebook as that is where I will announce the launch.

Even more important, you probably know that I always do giveaways prior to the launch so get connected to my Facebook page. And I’m not talking one or two eBooks. For the launch of The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters (book 2), my co-author Whoopie Pie Pam and I gave away almost fifty eBooks! Rewarding my reader-friends is one of my favorite things to do!!!!

To find me on Facebook, visit and be certain to click LIKE so that you get announcements of the giveaways and book launch.