Panic By Lisa Bull

Panic Have you ever been given absolutely amazing news? News so incredible that you are excited beyond belief? News so thrilling that you literally jump up and down? News so exciting you squeal with joy?

News that is so amazing you—you—you think you might be sick! You’re scared to death! When the excitement wears off you realize that you are completely unworthy, undeserving, unprepared—and you panic.

I don’t know about you, but its times like that when I call my bestie and I’m like, “Help! You’ll never believe this.”

Case in point: Mary.

Many experts believe she was 12 or 13 years old when the angel came to her. I realize that was a different time and things worked differently. But, 12 or 13 is—young! She’s told in Luke chapter one that she has found favor with God and will have a son. Not only will she have a son, but she will be a virgin at the time and the baby will be the Son of God.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if an angel told me something like that, I’m not sure what my response would be. I think we kind of gloss this story over and make it all neat and pretty during Christmastime. It wasn’t. She was young. Joseph was likely much older. She was not yet married, and was told she was going to be pregnant. Ladies, pregnancy out of wedlock in those days was NOT acceptable. What would Joseph think? What would her parents think? What about her siblings and her community? And, the Son of God??? Would you easily accept that news? Be honest.

So, what did she do? According to Luke 1:39 she “went with haste” to her cousin, Elizabeth’s, house. THIS I understand! I could see myself running to my cousin’s house and saying, “You will never EVER believe this!” As they talked and Elizabeth learned of Mary’s news, the Holy Spirit came over her and she blessed Mary.

I think it’s so interesting the how this story ties in friendship. God is relational and He knows we need friends for support and comfort. How many times has a friend walked with you through a difficult or taxing time in your life? Elizabeth was experiencing her own (unbelievable) miracle at the same time (see Luke 1:5-25) and was still able to be an encourager for Mary.

Hebrews 10:24-25 (ESV) And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

Let’s be encouragers! And, let’s be there for one another.

Merry Christmas! <3

Lisa Bull sees her life as a journey along God’s divine plan. While considering herself an expert on nothing, she enjoys laughing and has made “choosing joy” her motto. Lisa has experienced God’s unfailing love and grace in her life and wants nothing more than for others to enjoy that same gift in their lives.

Lisa is the daughter and granddaughter of ministers. She has multiple relatives in ministry on both sides of her father’s family including several pastors, pastor’s wives, and missionaries. In fact, ministry in her maternal grandmother’s family can be traced back several generations. She loves being a wife and mother of two terrific young men.

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