Opinions are like onions… they stink

That doesn’t mean I don’t like onions. But I pick and choose when I eat onions. I certainly don’t want onion breath if I’m going to a book signing or speaking before a group of readers or writers.

These days, the media is so full of opinions that I’m fairly convinced they ALL eat onions! And not just a dinner. For breakfast and lunch. Why do I say that? Because their opinions stink

That’s right. They stink.

Opinions are like onions

When I watch the news, I want facts, not oniony opinions. Years ago, I used to write for several small town newspapers. My opinion didn’t matter; I just stuck to the facts.

As an author, I have to be very cautious about sharing my opinion publicly. While I can claim being an expert on certain topics: writing, publishing, marketing, and (of course) the Amish, outside of that sphere is beyond my sphere of influence.

Or rather, it should be.

While traveling to NYC for the BookCon book signing, I read an article about Stephen King. In my youth, I read a few of his books and I have enjoyed some of his movies (think Misery). What I don’t enjoy is his espousing political opinions.

He’s an author. A good author. But I don’t want to hear his political views. What is his expertise that makes him think people want to hear his political grousing?

The same goes for any other quasi-celebrity (or celebrity!). Most of these people regurgitate the opinions from the mainstream media (regardless of their position). To what purpose do they reiterate such drivel? Their intent is to use their success to sway others.

I find that reprehensible.

Personally, I stay quiet about my beliefs on a lot of matters. And I respect other people who have different beliefs…political, religious, cultural. But I do not want to have anyone without a background or expertise in the topic trying to shove anything—even what I agree with!—down my throat.

Stephen King, Rosanne Barr, Meryl Streep, Robert DeNiro… go back to what you do best. Your status does not grant you any authority over any matter other than entertaining others.

As for me, I’ll continue writing my books and blogs while leaving the opinions of others at the front door.

But that’s just my opinion. 😉

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One thought on “Opinions are like onions… they stink

  1. I agree with you do what your best at I don’t want to hear your political views. Most of the time they live in a fantasy world.

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