Now what???

So, Plain Fame Book 1 of the Amish of Lititz series (Amazon), and A Gift of Faith: An Amish Christmas (Amazon, story are finished and released.  And my Super Secret Project (SSP) for Halloween is about to be released, too.

Now what?

Yes, I’m working on some other projects…smaller projects with writing and new venture with S.A. Genung (SSP #2 for 2012 henceforth known as SSP!).  But, it’s not the same as writing a novel.

My husband has asked for a small “break” with the major projects. After My mother laughed at him when he said it and teased him “Just try to stop her.” But I’m going to honor his request for the moment and focus on the Amish Circle Letter volumes and SSP #2  🙂  And to do some more things around the house.

Today, I made a lovely brunch for the family, cleaned out closets, straightened out drawers, and did a major kitchen purge.  I started a fire, tried to crochet a little (epic failure), and even read some of Karen Anna Vogel’s latest books.  Time to catch up on all those books I bought!!!  Later, I’ll probably go down to the barn and go for a ride. It’s a gorgeous day here. Sunny skies, perfect temperature, pretty foliage. Finally, tonight, my husband has planned a special dinner and I don’t have to clean up (!).  So, maybe a break is OK for a short while.

Still, my mind wanders to Amanda Beiler, my main character in Plain Fame and what awaits her on her journey. I hear the conversations that she has with other people, see Alejandro’s eyes watching her, and I feel her heart beat as she tries to balance her life. I left her at such a crossroads. It’s hard to put Amanda on hold. I want to help her through the next few months of her life. She’s so young and, while in good hands, it’s a scary adventure that lies ahead of her.

So, maybe later tonight…after everyone had quieted down…mayhaps I’ll start outlining Plain Change. Just a word or two…maybe jot down some ideas and conversations.  Or, if no one objects, I’ll even take a crack at the first chapter. Just for a few minutes or so.  An hour at the most. No more than two…tops.


Who am I kidding? My mother is right. Once writing is in your blood, it becomes addictive. Some people are addicted to buying shoes. Others to reading books. In my world, it’s writing the books that is addictive. For over 35 years, I have been writing. For writers, taking our dreams and imagination, putting them to paper, and sharing them with others is part of our lives. We can’t stop.  We write when we are observing other people or experiencing life. We write even when we are sleeping. Once an idea is in our heads, we can’t simply put it on hold. We have to write.

So, here’s to the next part of the journey. Amanda Beiler…I’ll be back with you later tonight.  😉


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  1. You do deserve a break and glad you took one today. But you sure sounded very busy around the house. So it’s not like a real break. I can’t wait to get and read Plain Fame and Plain Change too. Do you know the title of the third book in this series yet. You are addicted to writing and I am addicted to reading your wonderful books. ♥

      1. Oh to be young again and have all that energy that you have, But I have slowed way down in my older years. After four back surgeries I don’t get around as fast as I used to. We’ll wait for you books because we love them, so you don’t have to hurry so much.

  2. Note from the Editor: Sarah, if you do not take a break, we will send you to a (Tropical) deserted island without any writing devices at your disposal. You are giving all of us some serious overtime, despite the fact that we love your books!

  3. I just found you today through Inspired Reads. I’ve been laid low the past week with a mean virus and was looking for an easy read. Found your novella, 87 pages, perfect. I am heading for my recline now with Kindle in hand. I actually started reading and unlike most readers, I really do read dedication pages, forwards, etc and saw your blog site was at wordpress so I dedided to get out of the chair and come back to the office and wha la, here I am. Just try to get rid of me! Ha!

    1. Sorry that you have been ill but I’m so glad that you found my books! Don’t forget to check out some of the other great Amish fiction writers like Karen Anna Vogel, Murray Pura, Crystal Linn, and Marsha Hubler, too! <3

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