NEW RELEASE: Pica Runs Away

After a long wait, the second chapter in the Pica Adventure Series has been published on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.  This story continues the adventure of Pica, the small black and white dog. Each story presents a single situation in which the little dog is faced with a dilemma. By overcoming the situation, the little dog presents a healthy, fun story for young children but always with a moral.

In reality, Pica is my small toy rat terrier/chihuahua dog.  She was given to me by my friend, Luciano.  Pica was rescued from a shelter in the west by Luciano who has the infamous Pound Puppies Dog Act.  At the time, he was traveling with the Big Apple Circus in New York City, New York.  My children were immediately in-love with Pica and she has become quite notoriously famous in our hometown.  She is our unique little circus dog.

But don’t be fooled by her size.  She may be small but she rules our house and hearts.  The delivery men are scared of her (more so than our wolf-dog, Mason or dingo, Sandy).  Every night, she sleeps with Cat, my daughter.  She greets us with happy jumps and her famous army crawl, discussed in the Pica books.  She has a heart of gold and the determination of a lion.  She is a wonderful role model for children of all ages.

I hope everyone enjoys the second of what I hope to be many stories about this little dog’s adventures.

One thought on “NEW RELEASE: Pica Runs Away

  1. Sarah, I look forward to reading all your books,Thanks for adding me as your friend.
    I love Amish fiction and I love dogs! Can’t wait to read the story about Pica,esp. since you wrote the story based on your dog. I am curious to read about her famous army crawl, lol, it sounds cute!

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