Please visit my NEW Facebook page at Please be certain to click LIKE. I’d like to rebuild this page, since I’ve lost access to my other page. So, if you were one of the 4500 people who LIKED the first page, please be certain to visit this page.  I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. But, I think we all know the story/bully behind this unfortunate situation which has resulted in a “delay” in communication.  



6 thoughts on “NEW FACEBOOK PAGE

  1. Can’t you contact “facebook” “the powers that be” and explain what is going on? sigh. I did like ya. I do like ya.

  2. What has been done to you is WRONG, and someone is going to have to explain their actions to God someday. You have handled it all so well, you make us so proud of you!!

  3. Glad you are back…Sorry you are having to go through all this.I hope this bully will leave you alone now.

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