New Book About Bullying

Summer is in full swing. It seems that the seasons went from dreary, cold winter directly to hot, muggy summer with a few weeks of rain in-between.

The perfect thing to do in summer is to curl up on a lounge chair, a glass of ice tea in one hand and a good book in another. That’s my favorite past time…that and writing a good book, of course.

This past week, the fourth novella in my series, The Amish of Ephrata, was published on Amazon,, and  This book continues the story of Priscilla Smucker, a young Amish girl who has received unwanted attention from another young woman in the community: Susie Byler.

Bullying is an ugly subject. With school out for the summer, bullying might be one of the furthest things from our minds. We tend to hear more about it during the school year, when children are at school and situations arise. It’s unfortunate that bullying exists. It’s even more unfortunate that there isn’t much to be done about it. Laws simply have not caught up with the increasing propensity of people to use social media to torment others.

And it’s not just children bullying children.

Adults get bullied, too. And the laws are even flimsier when adults are involved. Police are not able to do much more than refer the victims to the local courthouse to file orders directly. It becomes the burden of the victim to prove that the bullying took place, thus making them victims once again. Meanwhile, the bullies continue to  hide behind anonymous emails, letters, postings, and fake accounts on social media.

The purpose of this series is to provide a platform for people to talk to each other about the realities of bullying and what can be done about it. I hope that everyone who reads them takes a moment to pause and reflect, perhaps engage in a discussion with children and grandchildren. Through dialogue and discussion, we can make changes and help the children and the adults who suffer at the hands of these horrid bullies who delight in tearing others down in order to build themselves up.

The Clothes Line is the fourth novella in a series about bullying. Set in the country of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the book uses the unlikely Amish community to explore how bullying impacts others.  Written by Sarah Price, an Amazon best-selling author and Morristown resident for over 40 years.