Morning Coffees

Several people have inquired about why I have stopped doing my daily videos on Facebook. Unfortunately, with some of the recent news out of Facebook, I have decided to stop my Morning Coffees.

I began my daily videos three years ago. Over time, I began to see that 2,000 people were viewing each vlog which was definitely inspiring me to continue. I love sharing my stories about living on the farm, rescuing and working with horses, exploring different Amish communities, and my thoughts on current events.

However, something changed with Facebook.

It began when I noticed “sponsored ads” popping up on my newsfeed that related to private conversations I had on Messenger. Then, Facebook changed some of their algorithms and immediately the viewership of my posts and videos declined. Rapidly. Later, I discovered that, unless I “boosted” posts, people would not see my videos or other postings. If you aren’t aware, boosting means PAY. And most recently, they changed something else so that, unless people were commenting and discussing my posts, they would suppress them.

Now, I’m fortunate enough to have worked in business so I get the whole idea of “pay to play.” However, when I have 120,000+ followers who are increasingly NOT seeing my posts unless I pay, that’s a bit on the stinky side. If people willingly follow my page, shouldn’t they see my posts? I know that I get upset when I don’t see posts from the pages that I like. It’s irritating to have to search out those pages in order to see their updates.

Anyway, with the viewership dwindling down and down, I decided to stop doing my daily vlogs on Facebook. Instead, I will begin doing weekly videos on YouTube. This will allow me to spend more time creating quality videos and, instead of having to pay for people to see them, you can just see them.

Seems like a better deal to me.

So, starting in the next few weeks, you will begin seeing weekly videos on YouTube. I will be posting the links on Facebook. Whether or not Facebook chooses to share that with you…well, I just don’t know. Probably not.

Additionally, I’ll be doing more things on my blog/website because I can guarantee your privacy there. Facebook is a great platform for social media. Unfortunately, their lack of attention to what people WANT to see as opposed to what they THINK you SHOULD see is different. I wish they would do something different…more business-like such as having business pages pay a fee which would make sense (and cut down on some of the dead pages on Facebook). Until that time when they can guarantee stronger protection for privacy and ensure that my followers don’t need me to pay in order for you to see my content, I’ll be focusing more on other social media platforms…all with announcements on Facebook…just not stored there so that you are protected.

Hugs and blessings,

Sarah Price

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7 thoughts on “Morning Coffees

  1. I’ll miss seeing you on Facebook but I understand. I’ll get updates on e-mail so that will be great.

  2. I was wondering when you would speak to everyone about why it seemed like you suddenly stopped your videos. Speaking for myself, I get worried about a variety ofThings when you are not on your Facebook video. That goes with the territory of being your mom. I’m very happy that you explained it to everyone and that you gave us locations where we can still see you from time to time. Keep up the good work. We need you. Love, mom

  3. I am sad and it is ridiculous that Facebook has forced you into this position. I will be clicking thrugh to your posts on Youtube. If you are ever, even close to the Pittsburgh, PA area, I would love to take you to dinner. I so enjoyed meeting you at the bookstore in Ohio!

  4. Thanks for explaining. Miss you but totally get it. Look forward to your weekly YouTube videos! Love you Sarah and your awesome books!

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