More Giveaway…The Quilting Bee

I’m having too much fun giving away books.  I forgot how much fun giving truly is!

So, if you have read The Tomato Patch and would like a free copy (eBook only, sorry) of Book 2 in that series, The Quilting Bee, please comment on this page. I’ll pick several winners between now and tomorrow at 6:00pm. If you have not read The Tomato Patch, it’s available for $1.99 at,, and


Winners will be announced on my Facebook Fan Page: Be certain to LIKE it and monitor it for results!

52 thoughts on “More Giveaway…The Quilting Bee

  1. I haven’t read this one yet the Quilting Bee , That is next on my list of reading , I love Amish stories , i find those people amazing .

  2. I appreciate the chance to win your book Sarah, thank you. If the only option for reading it tho’ is not on my Kindle or computer then please allow someone else to win. Dianna

  3. I have truly enjoyed reading several of your books and would love to read the quilting bee. I started reading Amish books about 3 years ago and my fascination and interest has not decreased at all. I have been trying to get my sisters and friends to take a weekend and explore the living in person.
    You are a great writer and look forward on continuing reading them.

  4. I am reading an Amish book now. I would love a kindle copy of this one. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to win.

  5. Quilting the old-fashioned way of recycling old clothes is one of my favorite things to do. It’s so amazing that more people don’t realize the value, both sentimental and monetary. Savings all around!

  6. I just read the tomato patch today great book. I love amish stories. My great grandparents lived in a small little village where everyone was amish but their family. I live close to this settlement in central Illinois. Would love to have win a copy. I have read all your other amish books but the quilting bee and have them on my kindle to reread this winter.

  7. I would very much like to win one of your books, I love to read books about the Amish. Thank you for your contest.

  8. I have The Tomato Patch on my Kindle. It’s the next book on my reading list after I finish Valley of Hope. I love your books!

  9. The Quilting Bee sounds like a fascinating book. I have pieced two quilt tops, but I’ve never been to a real quilting bee.

  10. I really enjoy reading books on my Kindle. I would love to read a book that has “quilting” in the title, as I have done some myself. Quilting is so beautiful. Would really like to read your books.

  11. Love your books and would love to add “Quilting Bee” to my very large collection of Amish books on my kindle fire. Thank you and have truly enjoyed your books.

  12. I have read your books on my Kindle but I would love to have a copy for the church library. Your books are so much fun to read.

  13. I have read your books on my Kindle for PC but recently received a Nook for school. I’d really like to win a copy of The Quilting Bee for my Nook. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. I have read EVERY single one of your books whether they were free, reduced price or full price, I am a HUGE fan. I am so glad that I have found you as an author. I love your style of writing, you give a new twist on the Amish way of life that no other author has before. I loaded up my Kindle with all of your books and laid aside all of my other reading and plowed through your books, I couldn’t put them down…Thanks, for considering me…Diane Dykstra.

  15. I would love to win the “Quilting Bee”. Love your writing. Have read many of your other story in my nook. Thank you for these contest, they give you a chance not only to win, but to see other people interested in reading Amish stories. Love them.

    1. Love love reading Amish books. My family teases me all the time because I am so fascinated with their way of life. On Sep 3, 2012 1:41 PM, “Sarah Price, Amish Author” wrote: > > Lynda Gledhill commented: “Would love to win a copy of the Quilting Bee. I truly enjoy all your books.” >

  16. Sharing the knowledge of the Amish within your writings has been an education into a life of peace, love, hope, faith, and love of GOD. Thank you for sharing with us your writing/reading community.

  17. I just finished reading “The Tomato Patch” and loved every word of it!! A lot of my family live in Ephrata , so it was fun to have a story centered around that area. From now on, my Kindle will be loaded with anything you have written and the chance to win a free download is added fun !

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