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Monday’s Musings: Week 2: Turning Amish

TIME-TO-DECLUTTERCleaning out my closet was only the first step. After donating my baskets of clothing, I came home and admired my now-manageable closet, eyeballing a few more things that probably should have made the “purge”. It’s hard to let go of things that, at one point in time, we desperately thought that we simply must have. I suspect there will be a second cleansing in the upcoming weeks.

Anyway, after admiring my closet and the fact that I could actually see my shoes, I turned around and gave my bedroom a good assessment. There is only one word that could describe it: disaster. You see, we’ve been doing construction and that means only one thing…a lot of “stuff” was in our bedroom: papers, files, printers, you name it.

Shutting my eyes, I tried to imagine my Amish friends’ homes. They usually have a small desk in the sitting area which is almost always attached to the kitchen, a complete lack of walls to separate people. In my mind, I saw Rachel’s desk, a desk she shared with her husband. The top was cleared of clutter, the drawers were neatly organized. If I asked her for a piece of paper and  a pen, she didn’t have to shuffle around drawers looking for them.

That memory lingered in my mind. With a sigh, I knew what my next project would be: cleaning off that desk in our bedroom. It’s only there temporarily but decluttering it would make moving it into my husband’s new office easier (not to mention help the bedroom look a bit more pristine).

I don’t know about you but I sure know that I collect a lot of papers. Piles of papers: medical bills, cancer information, children’s progress reports, store receipts. I started shifting through the pile and wondered why I was keeping all of this information. Medical bills had been paid. Cancer information is available online. Children’s successfully completed the 2013-2014 school year (and both on Honor Roll at that!). Store receipts dated back to 2012!

I wanted my desk to be clean and clear of “stuff”. I wanted the cleansing joy of keeping my energy, rather than having piles of papers suck it out of me. When I finished, I was definitely pleased with the new, clean look of a cleared desktop. It felt good to see two small garbage bags of papers to shred.

The Amish have it right: less is more. That’s become my new motto. If one thing comes into my house, two things need to leave. Cleaning out the things that clutter our physical surroundings help us to clear out our psychological situations. It feels good to surround ourselves with only the essential…and cleaner, too.

This week, I challenge you to tackle YOUR paper clutter spot. Organize what you need and discard the unwanted, unneeded, and outdated. Let me know how it feels when you achieve this next step in our journey to continue Turning Amish.

One thought on “Monday’s Musings: Week 2: Turning Amish

  1. I know what you mean when You say Clutter.. and I have Donated Clothing to a Church Clothing Ministry called “Spider Web”. Another place to donate is a Hospital Thrift Shop. I have some Things to take there on Thursday.. and my Desk is also my Crafting Spot… Yep need to get to work on Clearing out and Giving Away…
    Great Post…

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