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Monday’s Musings: The Impact of Addiction

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It doesn’t feel like a year ago when I wrote Shattered Mirror and submitted it to my publisher, Waterfall Press, for publication. As many of you know, I’ve had a few tough years–dealing with breast cancer, family issues, and addiction. When I look back, I can hardly believe that, at one point, all three of those were happening at once. Losing my breasts and losing some of my family was nothing compared to almost losing my child to addiction.

Shattered Mirror is about a mother dealing with constant worry in the fight to save her family from the impact of drug addiction. She faces her own worries while learning that other people are not always so supportive when it comes to helping her. They, too, worry that facing her families battle might make them have to face their own demons.

While this is NOT my story, it is a very real look into how a mother has to fight for her son’s life.

Several people who read Shattered Mirror before it was published contacted me, often saying things like “That’s not real, right?” or “That didn’t really happen.” In particular, they couldn’t believe how other people–women, school officials, even family members–treated the main character, Kelly Martin, as she struggles to help her son to sobriety and clean living.

I can assure you that addiction is a dirty little secret that most people refuse to talk about, never mind face head on. It’s true. Kelly Martin discovered this in the novel. It was eye-opening how many people turned their backs on her. It was as if other parents were afraid that addiction is contagious.

The only thing that can clear your social calendar faster than mentioning
your child is going through addiction is telling people you’re getting divorced. 

But addiction is not contagious and people struggling with helping a loved one through the battle need support. When I wrote Shattered Mirror, I wanted to open up channels of communication among people. Everyone knows someone who is dealing with this problem. What they don’t often consider is how emotionally and psychologically exhausting it is to fight the fight.

Faith in God is the one thing that can provide strength during such times.

But it doesn’t hurt for people to support the parents and other family members going through the battle. Sometimes they just need to talk to someone without being judged or hearing unsolicited advice. It’s very easy to solve their problems from the outside, but when you are dealing with losing a child to the dark world of addiction, there are no easy solutions.

If you know someone going through this, please consider sharing this blog with them. And, by all means, please take advantage of this amazing discount by my wonderful Waterfall Press publishers and buy the eBook to read. It will help you understand the impact of drug addiction on our teenagers and their families.

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Shattered Mirror by Sarah PriceA powerful novel of addiction, hope, and renewal from Sarah Price, the bestselling author of Heavenly Blues.

In any upscale suburban town, silence and shame blanket the hard truths. But college professor Kelly Martin can no longer deny the reality she lives every day: substance abuse is tearing her family apart. First, her ex-husband’s drinking destroyed their marriage. Now their seventeen-year-old son, Zach, is caught in the grip of drug addiction, fueled by a known drug dealer walking the halls of his high school. Kelly has two choices: watch helplessly and simply try to bear it or fight to save her son, who’s at the edge of suicidal depression.

When she encounters shocking disinterest, even hostility, from her ex-husband, her sister, her mother, and her former social circle, Kelly quickly realizes that she’s alone on this painful and frightening journey. But the race to rescue her child becomes an awakening for Kelly as she comes to understand the keys to her own heart and happiness.

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  1. Is there going to be a sequel to this book? If so when? This book was such a great story and really hits close to home. So many ppl really hide from true addictions.

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