Monday’s Musings: Stop the Insanity of Changing Clocks

Sunrise or Sunset? Sarah Price ponders Daylight SavingsJust this morning, I read that (finally) the country might be agreeing on SOMETHING and that’s ending the whole “Spring Ahead, Fall Back” time change that, frankly, I never quite understood.

SIDEBAR: Did you know that most Amish people don’t follow daylight savings time? Instead, they refer to time as being “fast time” and “slow time”.  Church is at 8am, for example, but during “fast time”, they have to be there at 7am in slow time, for example. A bit confusing, don’t you think?  It took me a few years to finally figure it out when I was staying with my Amish friends on their farm.

Frankly, I prefer having darker mornings and longer days.  During the winter months, I’m often in bed (reading, usually) by 8pm because it’s so dark and gloomy outside. But when the sun sets later in the day, we might not even have supper until 8pm. As a rule, we are more active and busy when the days are longer. Surely that is a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

One year, I refused to turn any of my clocks back when daylight savings ended. For five months, I lived my life having to recalculate time for appointments, television shows, meetings, etc. It was a real pain, but I did it. Think of it as a one-woman crusade against a system I did not support. Of course, in hindsight, I didn’t prove anything to anyone except myself–and what I proved was my own stubbornness…which I already knew.

The point is that it would be quite nice if the two parties in Congress could agree on something for once. It appears that most Americans tend to dislike the clock changing, especially in November when it gets dark so early in the day. Children could play more outside, parents wouldn’t return home in the dark, and families could actually enjoy more time together doing things. I fail to see what the downside is.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the longer day and, later this evening, probably go for a late day trail ride with Cat. After all, isn’t that what Daylight Savings is all about????

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