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Monday’s Musings: New Challenge

bracelets-3Last Thursday, I celebrated an important anniversary: the one year anniversary of my first breast cancer surgery. It’s been a long year with an awful lot of surgeries…and, unfortunately, I still have another year or so with more of the same ahead of me.

Still, I approached my anniversary with a lot of introspection and made a decision: this is the year of my …turning Amish!

Now, before my husband reads this and comes racing home with a camisole and a thermometer to check on me, I don’t mean actually turn Amish. The word turning is a present participle which, not being a real big grammar freak, doesn’t mean anything to me. However, I do know that verbs ending in -ing mean that action is currently in progress. It has begun but has not ended.

So, when I say this is my year of “Turning Amish”, I have already begun and I have no intentions of finishing. I just want to remain in the process of continuing to move in that direction. You know, it’s about the voyage. Not the destination.

Let’s be realistic…we are all drawn to the idea of living an Amish lifestyle, but most of us balk at giving up the minor conveniences. While I’d gladly trade my car in for a buggy to harness to my horses, I can just hear two certain individuals complaining that the horse in my backyard is neighing too loudly, smelling or attracting flies. Besides, not too many stores in Morristown have hitching posts, muck buckets and water troughs. So that is definitely not part of the equation.

But there are things I can do…WE can do, to start “Turning Amish”. A perfect example? Every time I visit my friends in Lancaster, I leave with bags full of yard and thread, vowing to crochet every night. I buy spiritual books at their bookstores, cookbooks in their shops, canning supplies at their health stores…you name it, I buy it…all with the intention of coming home and letting a sense of Amish peace, faith, and love infiltrate the house.

An admirable goal that continues to be an epic disappointment. The intentions are there…the commitment disappears. But this year…my first year as a “survivor” (even though I’m still going through much more treatment)…I’m correcting that outcome.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to take one aspect of Amish life, their culture AND their religion, and apply it to my life. Each Monday, I will post my adventures on this blog. Everyone can vote on my success (or lack thereof). You can even make comments, suggestions, or anything you can think of!

Turning Amish is going to be more than a weekly blog entry. If successful, the journey will be compiled into a book that YOU get to read as it is being written.

I think we can have a whole lot of fun seeing what we can do to move in the direction where all of us can claim to be Turning Amish, too!

13 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings: New Challenge

  1. Sounds great. I look forward to following your journey. May God Bless and keep you moving forward through any hard times with your health. So glad you made it to your one year anniversary. A huge milestone.

  2. I think this is a great idea; however, it sounds like you have a LOT of Amish goods on hand. Hmmm…maybe you should, say, start shipping it off to your readers, just to make sure all of it goes to good homes. 😉 Hehehehe….

  3. Sarah i think Ida has started turning Amish by doing alot with her yarn and looming she wakes up and goes to sleep with yarn and her loom in her lap. right now she is making a pink baby blanket for one of the ladies at church. she has so many projects going on. i am glad she has something to do.she is also making you something on plastic canvas she is going to give it to you when we meet you next month.well got to go before she catches me on her laptop writing this

  4. I will follow your journey and pray for you to stay strong through your trials ahead. Much love is sent your way.

  5. Sounds wonderful. Will follow and read all about your journey. God be with you and keep you in the palms of His hands. Prayers and love from me to you.

  6. AWESOME IDEA Sarah! Will begin doing the same in small steps. After the last year…I crave and need a simpler, more God driven lifestyle. THANK YOU SARAH! With you on this journey!

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