Monday’s Musing: The Passing of Characters in Our Lives…

If you think about it, our lives are like a story…a book, if you will. In every book, there is a cast of characters. Each person plays a role. Some you like, some you loathe, some are just walk-ins, some are fixed permanently in your heart. Just like the people we meet in our life. 

When a “book” has a strange and unexpected interruption, a void is created. Perhaps it’s the story or, even worse, a character shifts gears in a way that we just didn’t see coming. Mayhaps God intervenes and takes that character home earlier than we expected. The story suddenly changes and we are left filling that void. 

We need to remember that anyone can be called home at anytime. When death happens, it changes the story of our lives and gives us a reason to pause and reflect. After this weekend, that is what I have been left with…a reason to pause and reflect over the sudden and unexpected void by one of the characters that touched my life as well as impacted the lives of many of the people that I know on Facebook…through her writing, postings, messages, and phone calls.

I’ll leave the rest unsaid so that those people who were closer to her can say the words that touch their heart.

Prayers for her family.


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  1. Teresa will be deeply missed by all her family and those who loved her. Rest in peace as you wait for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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