Monday’s Musing: My Pig Ate the Blanket

“My pig ate the blanket!”

That’s not something you would normally hear someone say–although my pet-pig-loving-friend Maureen Kingsbury may have said that a few times in her house. I’m sitting on my sofa, completely exhausted from a few chaotic weeks of writing and making deadlines, and I’m chatting online with my LRWF Lisa Bull while my pet pig, Daisy Doodle, is nesting in a blanket. It’s odd because I’m watching her rip it apart and, rather than reprimand her, I’m taking great joy in her (messy) naughtiness. She’s so happy right now…she just loves nesting and snuggling up into cozy blankets.

Life with a pig is definitely interesting. She has her own little routine. She gets up at 6am, moves furniture downstairs until Angela comes out to feed her (outside) and then takes a little piggy stroll around the yard. When she’s ready, she lets herself back inside (yes, she can open the door) and tries to find stray dog kibbles on the floor before she takes a morning nap. She likes a good belly scratch or will do tricks for piggy cookies (yes, they make cookies just for pigs).  I like to hide the cookies under plastic cups so she has to figure out how to turn them over before she gets her treat.

When it’s noon, she wants to go back outside, munch some grass, roll in the mulch, and then nap in a sunbeam. Occasionally she’ll do a little zippity-do-da run across the yard and spin. I don’t know why. Happiness? Joy?

Dinner is EXACTLY 4:15 and if you are late, she will let you know…usually by grumbling while following you around the house. Another stroll outside and then 7:30 bedtime.

Now that I write out her schedule, I’m realizing that she sleeps a lot. It must be hard to be a pig. There’s a lot to do…eating, grazing, eating blankets, asking for a belly scratch…

People ask me why I have a pig. My husband is trying to convince me to take her down to the barn, let her greet people. But I don’t want to. Yes, she’s destructive (she just ate a blanket and yesterday I caught her wearing my one and ONLY sweatshirt, a pink Fairfield University sweatshirt that my niece gave me–needless to say that, too, is destroyed!). Yes, she rearranges my furniture and chases the dogs (they usually deserve it). But she’s happy here with her little piggy routine. And, as most of you know, I try to surround myself with happiness. It’s contagious, at least to me. So what if I lose a blanket here and there? Who cares if I have snout tracks on the glass patio doors? Big deal if she can’t wear her Build-a-Bear clothes anymore! Her happiness contributes to my happiness.

Sleep on, Daisy Doodle, and sweet dreams!

Pig in a Blanket...
Sarah Price’s piggy gives new meaning to “Pig in a Blanket”

3 thoughts on “Monday’s Musing: My Pig Ate the Blanket

  1. She is a sweet and happy little pig. I am so glad she gives you so much joy and happiness. She makes life an adventure at times too. I think DD is a cute little sweetheart of a pig.

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