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Monday’s Musing: Deadlines

post it notesI love being a writer and, as many of you know, I have been writing just three years shy of forty years…

Now that I’m home, shuffling between resting, physical therapy, and doctors’ appointments, I have more time to do my two favorite things: read and write. With my new office that my husband built for me, I’m actually looking forward to the upcoming winter months. For the first time, I’m excited to be snowed in!

You see, writers have deadlines. Serious deadlines.

The world, however, doesn’t seem to realize that. When a manuscript is due at the publishers, that date is basically locked in stone.

It’s hard to please the world; I’d love to go out for morning coffee and discuss issues in the world or meet up with friends for lunch at a little cafe. In the evenings, I sometimes watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory with the kids (I love Sheldon), but there are nights when I have to say “Not tonight.”

Unfortunately, recently I have had to say no more often than yes, which always makes me feel awful.

Sacrifice. Success at achieving dreams is about sacrifice. Not a little sacrifice here and there. But A LOT of sacrifice. It includes discussions and commitment from the entire family; their lives are impacted, too. Missed vacations, social events, even family gatherings might suffer because of deadlines or other requirements. Besides, family needs to help each other. It’s never a one way street.

You can imagine that it can get really crazy.

This week is one of those weeks. I’ve locked myself in my library, put sticky notes on the door with my intended milestones and achieved milestones. I’m thankful that my husband tends to my children while I’m focusing on my deadline. Once the manuscript is finished and edited, I’ll happily send it to the publisher and want to dance down the driveway to celebrate my joy.

But, in the meantime, here I sit, a glorious sunbeam shining through my windows and a kitten curled up by my side. I have ten milestones to make for today, each one associated with a reward. Ironically, my reward for the second milestone was writing this blog.

I guess a true writer cannot escape from the passion of the written word.

3 thoughts on “Monday’s Musing: Deadlines

  1. It must be awful to juggle it all in. I know from experience. I’m so sorry you have the cancer, exhaustion & other side effects to deal with, Sarah. You are such a wonderful example to so many others! Remember sometime to just have some down time everyday, even if it’s for only for 30 minutes. What do you do to relax? I know you enjoy your family & your animals. I’m so glad Marc & your parents are close by and can take some of the weight off of you. How old are your girls? Remember how much everyone needs you in their lives. I want you to enjoy the snow & running down the driveway for years to come! God bless you an your family, doctors and technicians

  2. Sarah I truly thank you for the sacrifices you make for your writing career. IT is never easy to say no and especially if the no is to your family. God has given you a wonderful talent. We are blessed by your talent.
    I hope that you are feeling better these days. I’ll pray that you will be cancer free and stay that way.

  3. hope you are on the mend. I’m starting my 87 year old Mom on your books now that she has moved in, feeling very blessed.

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