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Monday’s Musing: Turning Amish (Week 4): Weed the Garden

Many years ago, an employer gave me some advice:

Weed the garden so your flowers can bloom.

time-to-weed-2Three days later, I resigned.

Isn’t that similar to what I’ve been doing…cleaning out closets, emptying drawers, organizing “stuff”?

My garden has been full of far too many weeds. If you look at your garden, sometimes you’ll notice that weeds mask themselves among the flowers. And while some weeds can be pretty and create a breath-taking backdrop, most of them are not very kind to the flowers that we actually planted!

This week, I’m going on a weeding binge. There is one last clutter-area in my house: the coffee table in my bedroom. For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to eliminate piles of “stuff”: papers, mail, cords, things that I don’t know what they are. Just yesterday, I stared at the table and commented to my son that I should just sweep the entire tabletop into the garbage.

I didn’t.

Now I realize that it’s a weed. And I’m going to pluck it. If I don’t rip it out by the roots, remove its oppressive negative energy from my sight, it will grow and spread.

I give myself five days. After that, I’m weeding it…no excuses or hanging onto one item. Remember that the Amish focus on quality, not quantity. They keep a pristine and orderly household (well, usually) as if they know one little secret that most Englischers don’t: your environment reflects who you are.

I don’t mean that you have to have the biggest and the best in order to feel more powerful or successful. But if you hang onto things, things you don’t use or really need (like weeds), it says something about your own insecurities.

So this week’s challenge is for all of you to weed your personal garden. Let me know how it goes.  😀

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Musing: Turning Amish (Week 4): Weed the Garden

  1. Sometimes if a person stares too long at weeds,or clutter in their home it becomes part of the surroundings and they don’t even notice it anymore. That’s the way it can be for me so this is a good challenge for me to do this week.

  2. I have been weeding through my house a room at a time for a couple months. I have severe RA and am unable to do a lot but my sweet cousin comes and helps me. We are all complete except for the kitchen. I know it will be hard for me to turn loose of some of my kitchen gadgets that I have too many of. However, I a determined to get it done. As I read your post I thought how we should all weed the clutter in our lives as well as our home. I sent a prayer up that I would have no weeds growing in my heart. I want a pristine heart and life when I meet Jesus.

  3. Loved seeing this..puts words to my deeds of late….I’ve been “weeding my garden”…… I would love to have a friendship with one or more Amish as you do, I live vicariously thru you and your stories..thank you for who you are and all your books…I’ve read them all….

    Now back to my weeding, of all my papers and table tops!

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