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Mending Fences

Sarah Price's Amish Romance, Mending Fences

On August 28, my latest release, Mending Fences, An Amish Adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, will be published on Amazon as an eBook.

I began writing this novel about eighteen months ago for a publisher, but after a little bit of back and forth, I decided to self-publish it. That’s good news…otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this book for another 12+ months!

Anyway, I love this story because (surprise, surprise) it’s different. There are twists and turns in the romantic plot, although it stays somewhat true to the original Romeo and Juliet (minus the fighting and poisoning…we like happy books after all). And there is a happy ending…but one that you will not see coming.

I suppose that’s my favorite part of writing–telling a story that is different as well as entertaining. I cannot tell you how often I read romance novels and it’s the same old predictable stuff: woman meets man, they hate each other, they fall in love, there’s a miscommunication, they fight, he saves her, they kiss, the end.


SIDE NOTE: Obviously that’s storyline is not Amish genre, ha ha.  In case you didn’t know, I love Regency romances.  As for Amish romances, I stick to my favorite authors (aka Amish Fiction Authors) because I know that those authors are good storytellers and good writers! Nothing is worse than picking up a book, reading it and wanting to burn it right away. If you want great Amish books, check out Amish Fiction Authors website.

So Mending Fences focuses on a dispute between two families. Of course, being that it’s set in the Amish community, the family dispute is nothing near as drastic as in Shakespeare’s play. But there is plenty of romance and a little bit of mystery that should keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you’d like to preorder it, you can do that by clicking here to visit Amazon.  Hopefully a paperback will come out shortly via a publisher. If not, I’ll have one ready for you before Christmas.

Happy Reading!!!!!

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