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Mending Fences: Same Title, Different Books

mending-fencesSeveral people have contacted me, upset that Suzanne Woods Fisher “copied” my book title, Mending Fences. So I thought that I would address that with a short blog.

While I thank everyone for their concern, please rest assured that Suzanne did not copy me.

First of all, I consider Suzanne to be a “friend” even though we have never met. Second, she happens to be one of my all-time favorite authors. Her books are great stories and well-written…my two standards for being an author I highly recommend in this genre.

Secondly, in the publishing world, books are often submitted to publishers up to a year in advance. So my book, Mending Fences, came out probably about the same time as when she sent her work to her publisher.

Finally, book titles cannot be copyrighted. In fact, anyone could publish a book with a similar title—as many of those “fake” authors do in order to prey upon unknowing readers who then buy a book by the title, not checking the author’s name. Those authors use variations of popular authors’ names and titles simply to attempt boosting their own sales and show up in searches for legitimate authors who actually write their own books and love, honor, and respect the Amish culture and religion. They are unscrupulous copycats who only care about money, not the Amish.

Again, this is not something Suzanne Woods Fisher would do. She is a respected author with great morals and values. The books being named the same is purely a coincidence.

So, I hope that this clears up any confusion. Personally, I look forward to reading her upcoming book as I hope many of you do, too.

Hugs and blessings,

Sarah Price

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