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Mending Fences: Amish Christian Romance

Last year, I published a wonderfully fun Amish Christian novel, Mending Fences.

Mending Fences by Sarah Price, Bestselling Author of Amish FictionI originally got the idea for this novel about two years ago, when my son was at a facility in Florida by the same name.  I thought that the name was really intriguing…how many times have we had to “mend fences” in our lives? Sometimes fences can be mended. Other times they remain so broken and rotted that you simply have to rebuild a new fence, abandoning the old ones. And finally, sometimes you forget about the broken fence and then wonder why you never fixed it in the first place!

Mending Fences is a different type of romance because there is a tiny element of mystery in it: WHY does Old Man Coblentz dislike his neighbors so much? Why won’t he mend the fence that stands in the way of his grandson, Reuben, marrying the Amish woman of his dreams? Jane and Reuben set out to change his mind and slowly repair the broken fence.

You might be delightfully surprised to learn what they find out!

But don’t take MY word for it. Here’s one of the more popular reviews on Amazon for Mending Fences by peach pie who, btw, I’m sending an Advance Copy of The Amish Cookie Club to thank her for her readership!

Jane and Reuben know that God has led them to each other. No matter how many obstacles that might be in the way. Old Man Colbentz [sic] has held on to a grudge and his anger only blinds him.
It’s up to his community to show him that God hasn’t changed, he has.
A mended Fence and an incredible fun twist leads him back. Follow Jane and Reuben and watch their love story unfold. Sarah reminds us, when God wants two people together, or to help us see the error of our ways. There is no one he won’t use.

The story has as many twists as an Amish Pretzel and both are very satisfying!?

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