Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day…the unofficial beginning of summer. For the Amish, it’s a time of gardening, visiting friends, fellowship, and fun. While the workday is just as long as before, most crops have been planted and it’s a period of hurry up and wait. Wait for the sun to shine, rain to fall, and plants to grow. With the longer days, families have barbecues and play volleyball, enjoying each others’ company. Often times, visitors come from out-of-state (or simply other church districts) and spend a few days on the farms.

When the crops are finally harvested, the women have gatherings to can vegetables, pickle beets, and prepare for the upcoming winter. The men sell their crops at market, cashing in at least two seasons of work: preparation, planning, plowing, and planting.

For me, I’m planning ahead…planning ahead as to what I will be doing this week. Winter seems a long way away. But for the Amish, they are always planning ahead while enjoying the moment. Just one more valuable lesson that we can learn from these amazing people.



3 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. Brings back wonderful memories of going to my Grandfparents farm as a very young girl. Loved going there and spending time with my Grandparents and the young Aunts & Uncles ( they were young too) who still lived at home. They had a very large family.

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