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Meeting new people, making new friends, and the business of books

Sarah and CaroleThere’s one thing about being on the road that I love more than anything: it’s meeting new people and spending time with old friends.

During my short stay in Ohio, it was lovely to catch up with my dear friends, Kathy Millburn, Juanita Cook, and Kathleen Popp. We’ve been friends for several years, thanks to Facebook and it was great to meet up in person with them again. They were kind enough to invite me to supper. So thoughtful, it truly warmed my heart!

But I also met some new friends. On Thursday, I met Carole at the Dayspring Christian Bookstore. She came into the store with her copy of An Empty Cup and a story the rivaled my own novel! Why, I had tears in my eyes as did Michelle (aka Wonder Woman because she keeps me on track and remembers everything that I always seem to forget—I couldn’t do any of this without Michelle). And then she bought some more books.

Now, that might seem like a silly thing to toss me over the moon with delight. But it does! When a reader buys my books, they are sending a huge message to the bookstores and the publishers: I like this author. Even more importantly is the second message: Hire her to write more books.

So many times, people ask me for free books. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could give everyone a free book? The truth is that I have to pay for my own books. So whenever I give out a free book, I, too, had to buy it. Now, I sure don’t mind giving away some free books. That’s part of my nature as a Rosanna Yoder (ala An Empty Cup). I love to give. In fact, at the one supper that Kathy Millburn organized, I hadn’t planned on giving away some books but I sure did. Juanita had driven from Nebraska! Kathy from Pennsylvania! And Kathleen from Wisconsin! Wow. That’s a lot of mileage so I was happy to gift them a book.

And then there was Vickie and Bobbi.

Well. They showed up and I sure wish I could have spent more time with them. Such lovely ladies. They, too, had driven far for the weekend—not to meet me, but to meet friends and enjoy some nice fellowship.

I have to tell you that I was stunned. They walked in with a shopping bag full of books. My books. They had gone to a bookstore and practically cleaned out the shelves of Sarah Price titles. I could have cried with joy. What a powerful message they just sent! I was very glad that I had extra books and could send them home with a few books that the store hadn’t carried.

You see? That’s what I love about traveling. I get to meet the real people behind the Facebook accounts. I get to talk to them, to see their reactions, to listen to them laugh. I get to see the sparkle in their eyes and learn about them as people, not as Facebook accounts.

I learned an awful lot about these wonderful ladies. All of them. And I was so touched that Carole, Vickie and Bobbi took time out of their travels to meet me AND to invest in some Sarah Price novels. It’s nice to meet people who are givers, too, and not just takers. People who are supportive of this author (as well as others) because it takes a long time to write a novel and carry it through to publication. And, just like everyone else, we, too, have bills to pay.

In the upcoming months, I’m thrilled that many of my Amish fiction books will be distributed in more stores such as Walmart and large bookstores. And the price will be lower because the books are being mass produced by the publisher. So, remember, if you love an author (any author) the best way to show it is to help the author out by purchasing the book. Let bookstores know that you want them to carry that author (or authors).

And, when you have a chance to meet an author, just know that meeting you is one of the greatest benefits of being an author. Next year, I’ll be back in Ohio and Indiana, most likely in the autumn again. I’m also hoping to invite some of my good author friends to join me. So stay tuned for upcoming announcements about next year’s road trip.

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  1. I just finished Empty Cup. This was the first of your books that I’ve read. I really enjoyed it. I feel like my cup is empty I finally understand what I need to do to find myself with a full cup. Thank you so much for your beautiful words. May God bless your family.

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