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Meet Lexi Bryan

Hi there! My name is Alexandra Bryan, but I go by Lexi. I’m going to be a new feature once every month. I’m not sure what it will be called, but seeing as you are going to hear some from me, you might need some fundamental facts on me.

First, I am 20 years old and a junior at Missouri State University. I study history education (high school). My passions for educational reform made me switch my neuroscience major to history ed. That switch developed my love of history exponentially. Now, I talk about it outside school to my friends literally every day. I love what I’m studying.

Second, I love the people in my life. I have one older sister, Sara, who is 24 and in her second year of vet school. I know that God has big things for her in the realm of conservation, she’s extremely gifted. Growing up, Sara and I were constantly encouraged to be curious and learn from the world around us. My mom is a lawyer, but mother and teacher at heart. She seriously loves us more than life itself. My Dad is a financial advisor, a history professor at heart, and an almost homesteader. He cares for my sister and I so deeply. My stepmom is an organ donor transplant specialist, which is about one of the most tolling things I think you can do. I also have a boyfriend that I’ve known since 6th grade who is the hardest worker, I have ever known (he owns a house on his own-at 21!! I know!!). We are different enough to where I am learning so much from him everyday. I live in a house with two godly women who are an absolute gift to me.

Lastly, as a kid I went to Kanakuk Kamps for ten years and then worked there for two years during college. It has given me life long friends, experience, and most of the love of Jesus Christ.

Without Christ and what he did through that place, I know I would be a starkly different person. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Peace, One Love.

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