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Meet John Thorpe from Newbury Acres

newbury acresWhat is it about John Thorpe that makes him Banthe’s most ineligible bachelor?

He’s young and from a good family, but he isn’t courting anyone.

Since Banthe is mostly a summer vacation town, with Amish folks coming from near and far to spend a week or two at the lake, his exposure to young women is limited. And when Catherine Miller meets him, he seems pleasant enough (and certainly isn’t bad looking!).

Still, something about the older brother of Catherine’s friend, Ida Mae, bothers her. Maybe it’s his propensity for speed with his horse and buggy, or maybe it’s the strange tales that he tells that are nothing more than gossip—and some of it just not true. She’d like to think that he’s a natural born story teller, but she wonders if, perhaps, he’s nothing more than a big, fat fibber!

Catherine’s brother, James, knows John and yet she had never heard of John Thorpe until she was invited to vacation at Banthe.

Since everyone deserves a chance, Catherine is willing to overlook some of his short-comings. Will romance find a way to bloom between Catherine and John?

Find out more on March 21, 2017 when Newbury Acres is released!

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