March Out of Winter

March Out of WinterHurray! It’s March 1st and that means that it’s almost springtime!

As you may already know, I hate winter. Sure, snow is pretty…for about one day. After that, the empty trees, gray skies, and bland landscape depresses me.

Last Monday, on my Facebook’s morning livestream, I showed everyone my new favorite tree in the entire world: the bottlebrush tree. I still love my weeping cherry tree and dogwood tree in New Jersey. But I’ve fallen in love with this bottlebrush tree at our Florida farm.

To begin with, it’s green all year round. A few weeks ago, I noticed that it was beginning to bloom. Just one or two blooms here and there. Suddenly last week, it burst into blooms. And they really look like bottlebrushes!

Big, fluffy, red bottlebrushes.

The birds, bees, and butterflies love those blooms.

I’ve actually fallen in love with gardening in Florida, period. It’s different than my home in New Jersey. I don’t know why. It just is. Perhaps it’s the sandy soil which limits the types of plants that I can nurture with any chance of success. Or maybe it’s that my husband actually appears interested in what I’m planting. Every evening, we walk around the property and I’ll show him the baby bamboo stalks that are already popping up on my recently planted bamboo bushes or the sunflowers that are growing from where I’ve discarded my parrots uneaten seeds.

Something else that I’ve started is propagating a lot of the local fauna. From palm bushes to rose bushes, I’m taking a lot of joy out of building our landscaping which, until now, has basically been neglected by previous owners and tenants.

And isn’t that what spring is about? Rebirth? Renewal? Renaissance?

It may be just two weeks and six day away from today, but now is the time to start planning. What are YOU going to renew in your life this spring? Will you spend it in the garden? Or will you cultivate new friendships at church or elsewhere in the community? Regardless of where you intend to nurture nature, start your planning now. Dust off your garden equipment, see what is missing or needs to be replaced. Get everything ready now so that you can plant your “seeds” when spring is finally here.

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