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March Madness

Who doesn’t like a good sale? I know I sure do, especially when it has to do with books.

My publisher, Waterfall Press, has made March the month to help my readers (and future readers) through the winter blues. Almost all of my novels are $1.99 in eBook format on Amazon. Isn’t that wonderful?

The Plain Fame series: If you haven’t met Amanda Beiler yet, this is the time to purchase the whole series. Without doubt, this is a classic romance in the making. When I wrote the series, I was a bit nervous that readers wouldn’t like a different type of love story. Boy, was I wrong. When an Amish woman accidentally meets a Cuban rap/hip hop star (think Pitbull!), readers get an amazing tale of sweet passion, tempered only by their cultural divide. Click on each title to purchase a copy:

Plain Fame
Plain Change
Plain Again
Plain Return
Plain Choice

An Empty Cup: This standalone novel made it to the Top Ten on Amazon. Rosanna Yoder is an older Amish woman, struggling with internal issues. Her second husband and the community don’t realize that all of those years of giving have depleted Rosanna. When her cup no longer runneth over, depression moves in. A great read for anyone woman who has realized that an empty cup can no longer give.

An Amish Buggy Ride: A buggy ride causes the lives of the Zooks to change forever. Kate’s brother, David, blames her for an accident that caused him injury. In order to compensate for the guilt, Kate becomes a shell of herself under his verbal abuse. Her friend, Samuel, however, sees through the manipulative attempts of David and helps Kate finally stand up to him.

The Faded Photo: My first women’s fiction book! Despite her busy life, Frances Snyder learns that some things never find a convenient time to rear their ugly head. Breast cancer is one of them. Unfortunately, her family is too self-absorbed in their own schedules to notice that something is wrong with her. Frances finds some unlikely comfort in an older woman. Madeline’s mistakes with her own family teach Frances how to cope as well as how to bring her family back together again. A must read for any woman who had or has breast cancer.

I am so very thankful to Waterfall Press for this amazing sale and I encourage you to alert your friends who like to read, too.

Happy Reading!

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