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Lizzie: An Amish Christian Romance

I loved Lizzie’s posting yesterday about staying-at-home. She’s always been a sensible young woman as you will certainly discover when you read her story which, happily, is available in eBook AND paperback as of today.

Happy Release Day

I’ve already shared the first two chapters of Lizzie for my eager readers and I’ve loved the initial feedback from my pre-readers who managed to score the entire manuscript* in advance.

The first few reviews that get posted on Amazon are always the ones for which I wait—holding my breath. In the past, I’ve said that releasing a new book is a bit like introducing your newborn to the world: Will they love my baby as much as I do?

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, Lizzie is a bit of fan-fiction on a previous novel I released: First Impressions. The novel was one of my favorites to write (besides the Plain Fame series, of course), but my publisher at the time really raised the price.

This was my first introduction to traditional publishing, so, what did I know? After all these years of not my usual sale volumes—due to not great marketing and high priced books—I asked for return of the rights to the book, especially after they shut down this division of their publishing house.


That’s when I began considering ways to re-write it from a totally different angle. Boy! Did my imagination take off. The point where I started in both books—the father receiving a letter—kicks off two very different journeys.

It was fun re-writing First Impressions, but it was also very hard. It took me over a year to complete it. That’s a long time for a seasoned, prolific writer like me.

By the way, if you haven’t read First Impressions, I have a few extra copies laying around. I just offered them to the members of my private reader group. Signed of course. Email me if you are interested:

Happy reading, Friends!

*Note: Want to find out about pre-reading my next book release, Esther’s Quilt? Follow me on Facebook or my Private Reader Group.

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