Little Noises

Do you ever really listen to little noises? The crinkle of a candy wrapper. The shuffle of bare feet. The whistle of pursed lips. The slam of kitchen cabinets.

If you haven’t stopped to listen to these noise, try it.

Better yet, maybe you shouldn’t.

You see, I’ve noticed something. People make weird noises. Little noises. Repetitive noises that, when you recognize them, can really irritate you. The kind of irritation that just gets under your skin and sets your nerves on fire.

That’s a family vacation for you. An awful lot of togetherness and very little awayness. Yes, I know that is not a word but it just fits, doesn’t it?

People need people. But people need time away from people. You can try as hard as you want but eventually the truth of the matter is that you need “me” time…the opposite of “we” time. Even Jesus needed alone time to think and pray and talk to his father.

This morning, I had some “me” time on the beach, sitting and looking at the ocean. It was so peaceful. No noise. No wrappers or feet or whistles or cabinets. Just quiet. Of course, some woman pedaled along and tried to sell me bracelets (be gone, invader) and a mother walked by with her two small children, the younger of the two starting to cry that she was hungry just as they passed my chair (PTSD flashback!). Otherwise, it was fine, quality “me” time.

Beach in Belize

Vacations are a time to be with the people you love, even when they drive you insane, but also about re-discovering yourself. We all need to rediscover ourselves from time to time. Just like Jesus.

When was the last time you took selfish “me” time? A time to remove yourself from dirty dishes or sticky counters? Even if you have the greatest (non-noisy) family in the world, you still need to take time for yourself.

I know most of my followers are women. We tend to over-give to others and under-receive. So, today, I challenge you to take a mini-vacation. If you can’t be under a coconut tree or sitting at a beach, you can still sit in a café and sip a hot coffee (or tea) while reading a book or listening to music. Of course, I don’t want to be sexist. There are hard working men that could use the same time.

I look forward to hearing how you enjoyed that hour of time on vacation. Send photos to my email at if you want. I’d love to see YOUR vacation pics from that time.

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