Sunday Huddle

Life by Lisa Bull

LifeEver feel like you need a week alone?

I’m there. It’s like a soul craving. A longing.

If I could, I would reserve a lake house with a deck. I would wake up early and sit on the deck. Just God, me, the lake, and the rest of His creation. I would listen to the happy sound of the birds and feel the breeze blow through my hair. I would just sit there and breathe in life.

Because sometimes life doesn’t feel like life. Do you know what I mean? Sometime life—living–feels like work. It feels hard. It feels overwhelming.

So, if I could, that is what I would do.

But, we can’t always have what we want, right? So, this morning I am getting myself up. I’m taking a deep breath. I’m getting ready for church. And, do you know what I’m going to do?

I’m going to breathe in Jesus—the Giver of Life. I’m going to let Him wash over and through me. I’m going to allow Him to refresh and renew my spirit.

Sometimes life just feels like too much. In those moments, I think we need to step back from our circumstances and step into Jesus. We have to allow Him to bring peace and calm into our lives.

Sending you all hugs today.

With Love,

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