Life Happens

When life happens, we are often shocked. How did this happen? How did my baby learn to crawl? To walk? To argue? To adult?

Baby hand

I know the Amish have to bite their tongues during rumschpringe. Their 16-year-old children can basically do what they want without recourse from their parents, community, or church.

Yet, even if the law does not get involved, what damaged is done by such unchecked wildness? Whether it is drinking or drugs, or merely movies and makeup, young adults shock their parents with the shift in their decision making process.

But is that do different than what our children go through? They all want to be adults well before it’s their time. No one tells them how foolish that truly is. Once an adult, you cannot go back…and who among us wise adults would give anything to be a child again…no responsibilities or demands, no debt or demons.

Amish youth are not different than ours. They both want to spread their wings. But the difference is the parents. Non Amish parents try to force tame their youth which leads to more rebellion while the Amish let the youth fly…and fall or soar. But those youth live with the consequences of their decisions.

It’s a hard line to choose but a parent should not sanction bad decisions while, at the same time, they cannot tell almost adults what to do for fear of chasing them down the dark rabbit hole.

Parenthood. It’s hard in any setting.

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